~ Comforting Act ~

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Ryofu sat back down into the hot relaxing water of the hot spring with Ryomou still in her arms she smiled as she caressed her cheek.

"If ya want, I know a way to help you feel much better." Ryofu whispered with a teasing wink, kissing Ryomou's forehead as she held her close, leaning on each other for support as they relaxed in the hot spring. "I am even gonna transfer to Nanyo if I am able to and your leader lets me. From the sound of what you did to your leader, we might wanna wait a bit to ask." Ryofu spoke with a slight chuckle.

"She'll be fine once she calms down. She will want you there too, she still goes on about you 'Fu-chin'." Ryomou laughed softly to herself. "Its been a while since you left, a few years at least." She explained.

"I'm back and who cares how or why all I care about is you are okay and still alive. I am glad to know I was able to save you even if it cost me my life but its a sacrifice I would do over and over again as long as I know you would live on and protect your Leader and friends as I tried to protect you, so no need to thank me, unless you really wanna thank me." Ryofu teased again as she gently caressed Ryomou's 'assets' in her hands.

"I don't want you to die again." Ryomou shook her head. "You saved my life.. I would be dead if it wasn't for you... I just don't know how to thank you." With the hand on her breasts, Ryomou was blushing and bit her lip softly. "I've been regularly to the doctors." She looked up for a moment at Ryofu, looking over her shoulders

"You're the only one who actually knows about me and the dragon, Hakufu keeps forgetting, Saji I think knows but he doesn't say anything.. well.. lately he's been hiding away in his mansion. So I don't know what he's been doing." She did not want to mention Saji as he was still a point of contention between them both. Saji would want to be with Ryofu AND Ryomou, Ryomou knew Ryofu would want to be with Saji and Ryomou wanted to be with Saji too; except, now she didn't want to be without Ryofu again. She had no real thought of it being 'love', she did not realise it yet.

Ryofu smirked and already knew this was a strange love triangle between Saji, Ryomou, and her, They all had feelings for each other but it would be too weird if they all tried to be together so because Ryofu had already been with Saji and Ryomou was the last person she was with and deeply cared for before she passed away, she decided to stay with those feelings and stay with Ryomou, she knew Saji would understand.

"And what did these doctors say?" She asked and listened to Ryomou explain the years and what happened as well as her feelings on them together.

"They said.. I'm .. stable. As long as I get regular checkups, I've still got a few years left.." Ryomou explained quietly, she knew she would die young, she'd accepted that and she had tried to do much in her short life. Ryofu had given her more years and she'd used those as best as she could, never wasting a day lounging around and resting; she was always out and about doing things.

"Well I am glad to hear it but I will find a way to save you fully so you can live a full life." Ryofu spoke with a caring smile.

Only after her explanation of Ryomou's health, Ryofu decided to tease and play with her; to get her relaxed. This was when she whispered in Ryomou's ear all the while she continued to fondle and caress her breasts.

"Well if its been that long and you know me real well and what I am good at other than fighting so you can thank me by relaxing and enjoying the moment." Gently nibbling Ryomou's ear as she slid one hand down Ryomou's washboard stomach and down between her legs, teasing her more. It had been awhile since she last teased and showed deep feelings for Ryomou so she was determined to give Ryomou that feeling again.

"Enjoy the moment?" She queried. Ryomou, with a blush and slight moan as the fingers moved and at the nibbling of her neck and ear, tried to nod as her body shuddered; her ear being one of her sensitive spots. Ryomou had never been with a woman before; well, except when Ryofu basically raped her in the woods, she'd not even had sex with a guy never mind a girl. She'd only ever felt the climax brought by another when Ryofu had toyed with her.

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