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Relaxing back into the water, Ryomou sighed at the thought of Hakufu fucking up again like this. Sure she had not REALLY wanted to go to China, but it might have been nice to go on a holiday at least; but knowing her fate and the fate of her close friend and leader, something would happen.

It had been a hard time for both Saji and Ryomou when Ryofu was brought back to life the first time but had no memory of her past. It was even harder when she passed away again more so probably for Ryomou, for her and Ryofu actually grew really close together; even to the point where she stayed with Ryomou and looked to be more than roommates with her. Hakufu even came to get Ryomou one day and a near naked Ryofu answered the door saying Ryomou wasn't there at the time. Truth was, Ryofu loved Saji but had come to also love and care for Ryomou but during her final moments she showed Ryomou this when she embraced Ryomou during her passing.

No one knows how or if it was another trick or maybe it was just Ryofu's sheer will to have her spirit bring her back to protect Ryofu and Saji; Housen Ryofu was known as one of the if not the strongest fighter of all the Fighters after all, she had changed her fate before why not now? Waking up in a field in the mountains, she sat up and looked at her hands in a confused way.

"I'm alive?" she asked herself as she slowly stood up and looked around. What was going on, she wondered as she seemed to have her memories and that's when Ryomou popped into her head making her get the feeling as if Ryomou was close; as if sensing her nearby.

She took off running as she followed her instinct and feeling she had. After several minutes of running she came to a small clearing that appeared to be a relaxation spa resort or mountain retreat of some kind. She looked around and soon came to a small hot-spring where a single blue haired woman was sitting. With a smile Ryofu stripped down and quietly stepped in and sat down close to the blue haired woman as she sat there relaxing so she didn't notice Ryofu sitting there until she spoke.

"Beautiful day isn't, Ryomou" she said with a smile as she looked at Ryomou.

Closing her eye and keeping her eye patch on even in the hot spring, she fell under the water slowly and came back up; hair dripping wet. She should have sensed Ryofu getting into the water, who could not miss that aura? but Ryomou was too busy contemplating in her mind when she heard the voice. Her body froze as it came out the water and she quickly snapped around.

"Who are you and..." she paused, about to ask '...and how did you get there without me sensing you' when she saw the green hair, tanned skin and... well... assets... Ryomou's face tightened, then relaxed, then turned to a confused expression before tighten again.

"Who are you..." she hissed, fists tightening. "And why have you taken the form of Housen Ryofu" she hissed the questions, Ryomou did not believe her rebirth; it had to be a trick... it HAD to be a trick.. some magic... she couldn't be alive again... Her heart tightened at the thought of Ryofu there, alive... what if it really was her?

Ryomou would not openly admit it but she'd fallen for Ryofu, more than a friend and no longer an enemy; Ryofu had given the rest of her life to let Ryomou live just a little longer. She would have been dead in the greenhouse if it wasn't for Ryofu giving her what remained of her life essence for her to live with the dragon inside her body.

"You .. can't... be Ryofu.." she said out loud, as if trying to affirm her own thoughts.

Ryofu was deeply glad to see Ryomou had still lived and deep down she was happy to see her again but on the outside she just smirked at Ryomou's reaction to seeing her. It wasn't surprising seeing how Ryomou was always uptight at these kinds of things. Heck when she was first brought back she was sceptical about it as well. So Ryofu did the only thing she knew would convince Ryomou. She walked up slowly to Ryomou and placed one of her soft hands on Ryomou's cheek and leaned in face to face with her.

"Its me and for some reason my fighters spirit kept me anchored and gave me a third life, as you might say and if that isn't convincing I could always do to you like I did when we first fought and I had my way with you." she says as she gently grabs Ryomou's Chest and then passionately kissed her.

"Convinced?" she says after the kiss with a smirk as she sits back down to try and relax with Ryomou. She motions for Ryomou to relax cause heaven forbid she looked like she needed it.

"So what has you so stressed, well besides my passing and then returning?" she asks as her well known 'assets' floated on the water's top as she smiled at Ryomou. She had hoped her and Ryomou would be able to rekindle their flame of passion and love for each other but thanks to the circumstances it might take awhile for that to fully flame again.

Ryomou backed up as Ryofu came closer until her back was against a rock, she didn't move as the hand was placed on her cheek and then... the hand on her... on her... then the... kiss... She was wide eyed as the kiss had been placed on her lips; she had faltered for a second and closed her eyes, but opened them wide. She had not kissed back but there had been the slightest hint of her about to.

Watching her sit back down and floating in the water, Ryomou was shaking, she brought her hands up to her own cheek but couldn't stop her bodies shaking, she slid down the rock until she was sat in the water and stared at Ryofu. All of a sudden... she... burst into tears.

"You're... alive... you're... here... alive... in the flesh... alive.. here... you... flesh... the... you're... in.." she began to ramble, hyperventilate, her hard exterior had snapped almost at once past the kiss, the fondling of her breast and the words spoken quietly to her.

She was... amazed, excited, overjoyed that Ryofu was alive. She was sceptical about the reason, there had to be a reason but she... she wouldn't squander this gift. She dashed forward and pulled Ryofu into a tight hug. The last time they'd been together Ryofu disappeared in her arms just as she gave her life. She didn't want to let go.

Ryofu looked at Ryomou as she began to break down and with a smile she got up close and personal to Ryomou.

"Come on now, is this how the famous Shimei Ryomou I know and love is supposed to act." She says in a teasing way as this was her way of helping Ryomou to relax. At the moment she began to cry is when Ryofu gently pulled her head into her soft chest in a comforting way

"Its okay, I'm back because of you and Saji, because of the feelings and love you gave me. It gave my spirit strength to give me new life. At least thats what I feel is what happened. And now that I am back I am going to stay at your side for as long as you need me." she says then gets a slight surprised look on her face from Ryomou's sudden hug.

She soon changed her expression to a happy smile as she embraced Ryomou in her arms pressing their chest against each other. This is usually when Koukin, Hakufu, or someone shows up to make the moment awkward or at least that seemed to happen to Ryomou during a heart felt situation she was put in. But Ryofu didn't care she was actually very laid back and didn't care if others saw her body. She continued to hold Ryomou in her loving and caring embrace. She then lifted Ryomou's head and gently wiped away her tears with her soft fingers.

"Now how about you smile, cheer up, and relax with me before one of your friends mess up this moment." She says in a teasing way.

Ryomou cried for a while, just getting it all out. When she was done crying, she simply stayed there hugging and holding her; head over her shoulder. Sitting back when her head was lifted and the tears removed, Ryomou stared at Ryofu with a soft gaze in her one visible eye; the stone talisman inside her eye patch visible through the white fabric thanks to the tears and water.

"You're... back..." she smiled and took several deep breaths. "And you're... not going anywhere... I.. I will make sure of that" she took a deep breath and sat back.

"No one is here; just me... Hakufu is at home nursing a headache after I put her through a concrete wall... we... we were supposed to go China but.. she messed up our flight. We're now on a No Fly list..." she laughed to herself before staring at Ryofu again.

"I.. I'm sorry.. for.. our past... for what happened... and.. thank you.. I never got to say it in person.. thank you.. for.. giving me .. time.."

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