Recovery and Stupidity

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Hello everyone! Another fan fiction from me! I will admit a dirty pleasure of mine; Ikkitousen is my ALL TIME FAV anime, I LOVE THE SHOW, THE MANGA, EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. I will say that I watch it for the plot and story but no one ever believes me the moment the clothes fly off. Ryomou is my favorite character and a character I've roleplayed for a good number of years with several non-canon characters but found some canon characters over the years. I love the interactions with a Ryofu as they are always fun.

This story will include nudity, sex and hot loving. You know that if you know the verse and the fandom however there will be a good story and plot with it; this is not some Erotic piece. As stated in the description, this is from a roleplay with a current Ryofu but will include other plots I decide to throw in. I hope you all enjoy as much as I do writing it and please go to my website and check out my other non-fan fiction work!

It had been some time after the battle that had nearly killed her. Ryomou had been fighting for her very life during that fight, fighting her past and her future in one very keen fighter. Uncho Kan'u, the legendary fighter from Seito Academy; problem was, this wasn't the Kan'u. Sure she'd fought her before in the past, even broke her arm during the Great Fighters Tournament a few years ago, but this was her past and present collided.

Thanks to Kentei, Kan'u was fighting with the spirit of her ancestor, and the one enemy Uncho Kan'u had, was Shimei Ryomou. Ryomou had fought for hours, defending and trying to snap the girl out of it; but it wouldn't stop, she couldn't give an inch or her very life would take her.

Nor could she allow her dragon to take her over, which was what Kentei had wanted, for the two to murder each other with their greatest power. Ryomou had to fight herself, Kan'u of the present and Kan'u of the past all at once.

She felt the hand go through her heart and stared up at Kan'u as her life faded; watching the light go from her own eye...

Ryomou jolted awake on the sofa and panted hard, she had fallen asleep watching TV. It was just a nightmare, only a nightmare.

With a groan, Ryomou got up and showered; running her hands through her blue hair which had gotten a little longer since she'd last checked; she'd have to go get it cut. Dressing and having a small breakfast, Ryomou lived alone and liked it that way, she didn't need the distraction. Of course when Ryofu, whom had lost her memory when being brought back to life and Saji, whom had been recovering from his wound from Ryofu had been here; she'd like the company.

Ryomou didn't open much, she wished she did sometimes but she couldn't risk being hurt. Which was strange when she had a friend like Hakafu. Ryomou's mind drifted to Hakafu and shook her head with a blushed sigh. "That girl can be such a pain sometimes" she mumbled to herself; remembering the trouble she'd been in many a time, but the times she had helped Ryomou; even becoming her best friend after Ryomou's first attempts to kill her!

"Maybe I did the right thing" she smiled softly at herself in her tea before standing up. Ryomou knew Hakafu would probably be fast asleep, it was only 5am, perfect time for training. Heading out in a track suit top and a small pair of shorts; Ryomou went for her usual couple mile run that had her go far from her apartment and then back around. This time it brought her around to Koukin's place; where Hakafu and her mother were living.

Koukin was out taking the trash as Ryomou jogged. "Hey Koukin" she smiled to him and he smiled back, coming to a small stop but still moving on her feet; running on the spot, she spoke to him for a while. She asked about Hakafu, how she was, how they were doing and how his aunt was doing.

Ryomou knew that Hakafu wanted to go over to foreign countries for the tournaments there, but Ryomou was nervous; one of the countries that the fighting would be in was China, she'd been Hong Kong during the Dragon Jade Incident and had felt strange walking the streets, even though it was all new and only relatively recent in the history of China; she felt like she'd been on those paths before.

" Is she up yet?" Ryomou asked?

"I'm afraid she's going to be a while, she couldn't sleep because of the anticipation of the flight, then fell asleep early this morning." he explained and let her in, she sat for a while talking to him before she said she was going to go home and shower and grab her things. First thing she did was shower and change. An hour later she arrived back and Hakafu was only just getting up; Ryomou managed to 'urge' the girl to the bath and within another hour they were on their way to the airport, bags in hand.

"Lets go get ice cream! Lets go get Ice Cream!" the sounds of girlish whining rang though the streets, Ryomou, the top fighter of Nanyo Academy; well... second if you counted Hakafu, which she did not, walked alongside the aforementioned Hakafu on their way to the airport. Hakafu was now pulling on Ryomou's arm as they walked slowly down the street, only moments before passing a ice cream pallor; Ryomou was in no mood for ice cream but her so called leader was always hungry for anything.

"No.. We need to get to the airport, plus I'm waiting for..." she tried to tell Hakafu but was quickly cut off by her, "waiting for Saji to call? or turn up at the airport to see us go?" the leader giggled and left Ryomou looking away with a bright red face, only to turn back and whack Hakafu right on the top of the head,

"Shut up..." she mumbled and carried on, stopping only to notice the end of a fight not far away, suddenly the urges were kicking in again, she'd not had a good fight in a few weeks and her knuckles craved for skin, but they were going to be late to check in the airport security so she ignored it

"I want ice cream!"the nagging voice outside her head called, pulling once again at her arm, With a sigh, Ryomou turned away and again was back to being tugged on as Hakafu wanted to go back to the ice cream pallor.

What happened next would piss off Ryomou even more than she was; they missed their flight all because Hakafu decided to punch a security officer for 'copping a feel'. Now they couldn't fly anywhere and were on a no fly list for a while.

With a groan, Ryomou laid back in the hot spring, she had beaten Hakafu senseless then simply left for the mountains with her bag. If she wasn't going China, she was going to go be on her own and relax in the mountains for a few weeks.

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