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This is a commissioned piece for a "Wombatking". They commissioned me to write a 5 chapter piece at 20k words.

This is Chapter 1 of the 5 piece. Enjoy!

Chapter 2 will come soon after Chapter 1, perhaps a week or so. Chapters 3, 4 and 5 will be a little longer due to the commission still being written.

~ A Normal Day's Work ~

It had been a couple of weeks since the red suited heroine had started making nightly patrols. She had trouble in class, but found a way to balance her timing out to get a couple naps in to make sure she did not pass out randomly throughout the day. It was good to just jump on roof tops and really see what she could do now and then. At least without the threat of someone being Akumatized.

Marinette smiled and hopped another roof before stopping to stretch a bit. It was only a week ago since someone caught a picture of ladybug on her patrol at night, and the day after it was in the paper a certain Black Cat had suddenly been "bumping" into her non-stop. Although it was not like she hated it or anything, just thought it felt weird to just be hanging out together with no one in danger.

It almost felt like a date most of the time, and even more so when he constantly flirted with her. After awhile he seemed to know to do it only when she actually did not mind it. He was late, usually he would be on her tail after the third or fourth house she stopped on, but no sign of Chat yet.

Adrien was walking through the street slowly, he knew where Ladybug would be heading on her patrol so had taken the time to go out and walk the way before transforming. When he neared the destination, he slipped into an alley and transformed.

"Plagg... Claws out!" he called out and transformed, the black skin tight suit fitting firm to his body, the long belt around his waist coming down behind him in a tail-like fashion, the ears on his head twitching as he detected sounds around him with them; the mask adding to the messy hair look to hide is identity from everyone. He was Cat Noir now, not Adrien Agreste; he was funny, charming and full of silly Cat puns.

Looking around and back down the street, Adrien jumped high into the sky; assisted by his staff. Dashing across the rooftop and pounding on all fours, Cat Noir landed in front of Ladybug. Laughing and waving to her, Cat Noir smirked and bowed to her with a sudden wink.


"Ah, I wondered when you would turn up Chat" Ladybug grinned softly and smiled at him.

"You know what they say, a Cat is never late, he arrives precisely when he means to." Chat grinned, but Marinette turned his head.

"Isn't that a Wizard? From the Lord of the Rings?" she asked, leaving Chat rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Can't a Cat never be late either?" he grinned before turning and looking over Paris. "Guess we better get patrolling, the city won't look after itself!" he pointed in the distance and jumped to the next rooftop.

Ladybug watched him jump off and shook her head. "What would I ever do without you Chat Noir." She sighed and dashed after him.

The fighting duo spent the rest of the night on the mission fighting a pair of Akumatized villains called "Thunder" and "Lightning"; who it turned out were a pair of rappers that Hawkmoth had given the power of Thunder and Lightening to.

So when Adrien finally got home it was just turning day. Adrien jumped into the bathroom window, made sure it was clear and then changed back. Plagg flying out of his ring and out onto the bed, finding the stash of Camembert Adrien kept in the bedside draw and began munching on cheese.

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