1-The Straight Past

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  Flag on top: Straight Pride Flag

  When I was 4 or 5, I got my first crush. He was a boy named Trip. I was overobsesive with him. Two years pass, and I fall in love with Micheal (I'll call him Mike for short.) He was one of Trip's friends that I didn't pay much attention to. I moved away before it got serious and landed in Austin, Texas (where I live now.) I got a crush on a handsome kid named Alex and loved him for four whole years. Soon enough, I realised he didn't love me back and got over him in fourth grade.

  Within those four years, I stumbled along this video:

  I soon found myself discovering more and more about the LGBTQ+ Community.

  At the beginning of fourth grade, I met a boy in my class named Ethan and soon found myself becoming friends with him. I had gained a liking to him and didn't want to mess stuff up with him so I didn't act crazy.

  After Thanksgiving break, I had plans:

  Plan A: On the day of the Christmas Party, I would tell him how I feel

  Plan B: On the day of the Valentines Day Party, I would tell him how I feel

  On my first day back, I felt like everything would go to plan and was very confident. I was having a good day so far. But when I walked right in to the P.E. room (gym class,) my whole life changed forever.

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