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Arriving back at Nozaki's home, the three sat down in Nozaki's living room.

"Have you got enough information Nozaki?" Chiyo asked softly.

"I think so, but I think it's best if I have one more subject, but I am unsure who to get" Nozaki bit his lip and tapped the pencil against his chin.

"I'm glad you have found so much information, m...maybe I can help again?"

"Perhaps..." Nozaki mumbled to himself as he tapped the pencil on his lip twice and turned to Chiyo. The girl stood up and walked over.

"Perhaps what you need is not a first kiss but a second from the first person?" she queried and Nozaki nodded at her assumption.

"Then let us kiss again, if that is okay with you?" He questioned.

'Oh god, Nozaki wants to know if its okay with me if we kiss! Of course it is, but I cannot seem too over-eager... I have to act cool'

"Oh I don't mind, I can go or not" she wafted her hand in front of her with a casual smile.

'Oh gods! I was too casual with that! It may push him away!'

"Then let us kiss" Nozaki stood up and walked over, this time she was ready; she was not going to be surprised by the kiss, she would kiss him back and they would both love it!

Putting his hands on her shoulders, he began to move closer but Chiyo shifted herself so that his hands would rest on her cheek.

"Like this" she instructed. With his added height, he had to bow down a little as he leaned in and pressed his lips softly against hers. Chiyo had leaned up onto her tip-toes to kiss him back. Their lips pressed together and she let out a soft sigh; her hands snaking up his arms to his shoulders, passing to his neck and wrapping around as she pulled him closer in to the kiss.

This time she was ready for it.

Putting full effort in to the kiss, Chiyo closed her eyes and opened her mouth softly, inching slowly with her tongue as she acted on her practise. It felt like an eternity for her when he finally sat back and looked down at her.

"Chiyo..." he whispered.

"Yes... Nozaki?" she replied in the same soft whisper; her face dark red and her lips tingling.

"That was impressive..." he smiled back at her, her heart almost stopped at those words.

"I love..." she began...

...but he had already turned around and began to sketch on to the page, leaving her still on her tip-toes, hands clasped together and her face red.

"" she finished in a quiet whisper.

Taking a few minutes in the bathroom to calm herself down, she was met by Nozaki at the bathroom door. Jumping out of her skin, she stared at the page he had in his hand.

"I finished it!" he grinned, handing it to her to check. The scene showed the protagonist, Mamiko trying to give Suzuki her first kiss.

"Oh Suzuki, I want you to be my first..." Mamiko would whisper, the two in each other's arms in the image.

"Then lets..." he replied, leaning in to the kiss.

The next frame showed a simple design of flowers blooming with the words "And Spring Passed..."

Chiyo stared at the page in shock, he'd simply SKIPPED the kiss entirely.

"You... skipped it?" she whispered.

"Yes, I felt that I could not properly convey the scene, the feelings and the actions. So I skipped it..." he shrugged and took it back to continue work on it, leaving Chiyo sighing to herself. At least she got to kiss him... TWICE!.

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