Chiyo's First Kiss

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Nozaki tapped his pencil against the notebook's page in front of him, this wasn't right, he needed something more interesting for the next chapter. His editor, Ken, had told him he needed something interesting for the upcoming Valentines day issue.

"No, that wont work" he mumbled to himself and turned when he heard Chiyo speak.

"What's wrong Nozaki?" With a huge grin on her face, she held the brush like an expert; she had really progressed well in the year that she had been coming to his place.

"I'm trying to think of something for the February issue" explained Nozaki, causing Chiyo to sit up straighter.

'February, that means, Valentines day! He is wanting something romantic. I need to give him a good idea' She thought, smiling as she blurted out the first good idea she had.

"Why not have them do something romantic, perhaps a dinner, or perhaps a..." she was interrupted by his sudden burst of inspiration.

"A first kiss!" he stood up, pumping his fist in front of him.

"A first kiss? They never kissed?" She asked.

"Oh no, I have never had the characters interact like that, it's always the innocent flirting." Nozaki explained and sat back down, tapping his pencil again.

"What's wrong Nozaki?" She asked again.

"I do not know how to write it" He grumbled and sat back.

"Perhaps write it as you would? That's how I would write it" Chiyo smiled and put down the brush on its stand as not to allow the ink on its tip to touch the paper or table.

"I have never kissed anyone before." Nozaki dropped the bomb with such ease as he sat back, it was as if he simply let it slip out of his lips. Sitting there on the floor at the small table, Chiyo slowly sat up straighter as she stared at him; her face turning a darker shade of crimson.

'No...Nozaki's never kissed anyone before?! He's so... innocent... Has he ever held a girl's hand? He should have had to, he writes Shoujo manga!.

"Perhaps... find... some... research? May...maybe someone to help you... try it out?" she stuttered and then squeaked out the last few words.

"Hmmm..." Nozaki mumbled and then stood up. "Maybe you are right Chiyo" he walked around the table and in a moment she would never forget, he leaned down and kissed her lips.

For Chiyo, the moment would last a lifetime, Nozaki was kissing her! Their lips were touching?! She could taste his lips on her own! Her hands trembled as she stared into his closed eyes, damn her eyes were still open, she had to close them; thats what you did in a kiss right? What else do you do? You... lean in and kiss them back, perhaps open the mouth and... use tongue?

"Hmmm" she opened her eyes and stared at Nozaki, who was scribbling something into his notebook.

"Hmmm?" she asked in a quiet whimper, her face darker than her hair or her bows.

"Hmmm" Nozaki nodded to himself and walked back to the table; she was stunned, her legs would not move and she was having trouble breathing.

Nozaki picked up his phone and walked outside, letting Chiyo get up slowly and wobble over to his desk to look at what he had written. Her face went frozen when she saw the few words he had scribbled down.

'First Kiss Experiment - Case: 001. Test Subject: Chiyo Sakura. Results: Inconclusive. Resolution: Increase Subject Test Group.'

Chiyo stood staring at the page before mumbling to herself. "Test subject? I was only a Test Subject?!"

Nozaki came back in just as she had managed to sit down, it was still her first kiss, and with Nozaki with all people! Even if it wasn't a REAL first kiss, it was still their first kiss!

"Mikoshiba is on his way over" Nozaki sat back down and began to scrabble in the book, Chiyo sat up straight at the news.

"You're not going to kiss him are you?" she asked with a jokey chuckle.

"No, you are. You are a girl after all." Nozaki spoke nonchalantly, leaving Chiyo staring at him with a deep glare across the table.

'He expects me to kiss Mikoshiba?'

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