Velvet's ears twitched. "Why is that?" she asked quietly.

"No one should be struggling to eat. My Father is one of people who pushed for the Relief Vouchers for Faunus, after the human poor got vouchers but the Faunus didn't" Coco explained and pointed to a table free.

"If I knew anyone who used the vouchers, then I'd not let them use them, I'd help them without them having to use what little they have" Yatsu nodded to himself as they walked down the lines of tables.

"No one should ever have to struggle to eat, there are already a number of things to fight against in life; why should the need to eat be a struggle too" Fox added as they sat down.

Velvet smiled to herself, she really had been assigned to a good team, they were all so kind hearted.

"Hey! Get off! Their mine!" a voice called out and the group stopped to turn to its source. An isle over, the Mouse Faunus first year they'd spotted in the queue with the vouchers was getting pushed around by some other students, they looked like third or second year students.

"Not anymore their not rat..." the bigger of the four held something in his hands and two of the group pushed the first year around. Velvet's eyes locked on the vouchers held in the bigger's hands.

"I need those!" the first year pleaded.

"Nah, I think I'll go get some shitty free meal instead" the bigger student laughed softly.

"Hey!" a voice snapped, and all eyes in the hall turned to Velvet. She had no idea who had spoken just then, why was everyone staring at her?

"What's it to you rabbit?" The bigger of the four snarled.

'Oh shit... I'd said that!' Velvet thought, her face going white.

"Stay out of this first years, you dont want to get hurt do you?" One of the bullying group threatened.

"L... l...leave him alone!" Velvet brought up the courage but her voice was a whisper. She turned around and found her team had disapeared. 'Where did they go?!' she thought worriedly.

Three of the students in the bullying team walked over the table towards her, Velvet backed up against the table behind her. One of the students pushed her and she whimpered as she hit the table hard.

"Poor little Rabbit caught in the cross hairs" the leader smirked as he stood up on the table between them.

Velvet punched out, she actually hit one of them square in the face and sent them flying back.

"Get her boys!" the leader yelled before suddenly a girly scream left his lips, his face being planted into the table. Two more cries of pain were heard from either side of Velvet and the last of the bullying team jumped to get Velvet, however she was ready, she backflipped over the table and kicked him in the face with both legs, squatting on the table in a stretched out pose, one leg behind her and the other bent at the knee.

She looked around and saw the rest of the bullies had been pinned to the floor by Fox and Yatsu; their leader was holding a busted nose with one hand and the other pinned behind his back flat on the table. Coco knelt on his arm and back as he pulled his hair back.

"Give..." she snarled and he dropped the vouchers. She took them back and handed them to the mouse Faunus student. "No one" she called out. "Bullies a Faunus on my watch! I find anyone and Team CFVY is going to knock you down a peg..." she called out to the hall, everyone going back to their own conversations and food.

Letting the bullies go, they dashed off through the main doors, probably to tell a teacher or something. Coco walked over to Velvet and knelt down, picking something up off the floor. "You dropped this" she smiled softly, it was Velvet's purse, it had fallen out of her pocket and her vouchers were sticking slightly out the edge.

"Th... thanks" she stepped off the table and took them.

"Next time you want to start a fight; let us get into a flanking position first, sorry for leaving you there on your own, I had the boys take care of those two while I snuck around and got the big one" she smiled and picked up the tray Velvet had dropped, a lot of the food had fallen off, so she went and got some more for her.

"You wont ever have to use those vouchers around me Vel" Coco told her as they walked along. "I am not going to let you go hungry or without anything." She spoke softly so only the Faunus could hear.

"I... I dont want your charity Coco..." she whispered quietly.

"Its not charity Velvet, everyone should look out for each other, you accept my gifts and you do your best to help everyone you can with those gifts and your own gifts" she smiled. "We're not just a team, we're a family. Family looks out for each other.

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