Helping Hand

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Today was the first real day of school and Velvet was so excited, she put on the outfit that Coco had bought for her after rushing to the shower. The boys were already up but Coco needed to be urged out of bed; the girl really did like her beauty sleep. Velvet shook Coco's shoulder gently to wake her up, watching the girl slink off to the bathroom to shower her mess of a bed hair.

By the time Coco was all ready, the boys were all dressed and Velvet had been ready for some time. She had not stopped smiling since being given the outfit and Coco knew she'd done the right thing buying her it.

"Alright Team CFVY, lets go!" she smirked and turned to leave. The first day of school was a tour of the grounds, showing the training area's that were free for everyone to use, showing the locker rooms where their weapons were kept and loaded into self propelling lockers that would arrive at their location or a set location determined by an App on their Scrolls. Velvet dropped her bag into the locker but kept her camera with her, as it was technically not part of the weapon she could keep it; it only took pictures and could work like a normal camera.

Their first lesson was with Professor Oobleck, who dashed around the lecture hall and gave them a lecture on the history of Grimm, Velvet had her notebook out and was writing in elegant script across the page. Coco leaned over and saw Velvet's notes were very intense, she was taking pretty much everything down.

Coco knew a lot of this from her previous school but took some notes down in her own notebook, her handwriting not perfect but she prided herself on keeping it very legible. A rich girl like her could not have messy handwriting. Leaning over to Velvet,Coco whispered in the girl's ear, her hot breath on her soft skin causing the girl to blush.

"We might be Team CFVY, I think we better bring Oobleck on our team as he seems to be downing that coffee" she smirked softly, causing Velvet to snort a laugh, almost catching the eye of Oobleck. After the lecture, they moved on to Professor Port's Grimm anatomy and Combat Techniques module. Velvet had liked Oobleck's quick nature of rasping off the work, she liked to learn but Port's art of describing the scenes, Grimm and the fights he'd been through. Many in the class seemed to be bored by his words, even Coco who was sketching some designs in her notebook for something.

After class, the group went for dinner to the mess hall. The vast hall was lined with students from all years. Velvet felt intimidated as she walked in the middle of her team, they always seemed to be taking up positions around her; Coco at the head, Yatsu and Fox at either side or slightly behind.

Approaching the counter, Velvet had pulled out her purse and was wondering if they took vouchers when she caught someone else asking a question.

"How much is the food?" A fellow first year student asked the lunch lady, who plopped a gollop of what appeared to be meat?

"It is free for students. You dont have to spend your vouchers here" The lunch lady smiled softly; Velvet suddenly realised that the student had been another Faunus. Noting the small mouse ears, she had failed to miss it. Seeing the vouchers in his hand, Velvet put her purse slowly away.

"What's those? Vouchers? I never got any Vouchers?" Fox asked quietly as they made their way down the line.

"Faunus Relief Vouchers" Coco filled in, taking her tray along the rail as she picked and selected a meal from the choices. Velvet was beside her and asked the lunch lady for the vegetarian option, she was a rabbit Faunus after all.

"What's those?" Yatsu asked beside Velvet.

"It's for Faunus who are below the income threshold. They are to help the poor get access to food and clothing. Quite a few places accept them but not any of the fancy places, it usually the poorer places or places set out for the poor or Faunus exclusively, like soup kitchens." Coco explained and turned to find a seat once she'd collected all her food. "There are a lot of Faunus who use them, its a pitty really"

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