Gift of Giving

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"Sorry about that Velvet" Coco smiled softly, pulling the girl into a small hug as they walked across the square to get to the next store.

"It's fine, I've had to deal with crap like that for a long time. You were amazing through, you really showed him" Velvet smirked.

"You sure did Coco, I've never seen anyone make a man cry like that" Yatsu chuckled softly, "Although I think you might have gone a bit too far with ruining his business?" he added.

"I think he deserved it, anyone who segregates people like that, for doing nothing, deserves what he gets" Fox chimed in.

"Lets forget about him, and check out my new favourite store" She smirked and pointed to the shop they were coming up at. The store was just as expensive as the last one but Velvet wasn't thrown out, either the store owner had seen what had happened or wasn't as racist as the other ones. Coco walked with Velvet as they inspected clothing.

Velvet nervously began to walk around the store. She found many outfits she liked and loved. For a moment she seems to stare at a jacket and shorts in brown and gold but saw the price tag and moved on. Everything was so expensive for her.. she didn't want Coco to have to buy anything expensive. So she found the cheapest outfit. It was a simple shirt and trouser combo with a small hooded vest with a picture of a rabbit on the back. It was the cheapest thing she could find.

"These are nice " she smiled softly as she walked over with them.

Coco had wandered around as well, she found a few things that caught her eye but nothing really worth buying. She slowly worked her way to the glasses and looked over them. Taking off her black shades and grabbed a pair of glasses. Putting them on and observing herself in the mirror. She'd remove them and try a few others. Only snickering slightly. She'd put her glasses back over her eyes and glance to Velvet when she stared at the one outfit. She thought to herself for a moment and smiled. "I think I know what to get her on my own time..." She said quietly to herself.

Coco just continued on looking around until Velvet had approached Coco with the selected items. Coco snickered and nodded. "Cute hoody... I think these will look nice on you." She stated as she would simply take the clothes from Velvet's hands to the cashier and naturally purchase them. Fox and Yatsu had collected several things, Fox had grabbed a selection of shirts and trousers while Yatsu had found a nice silk robe. Coco took them all and pulled out her scroll to pay for them. She'd request them to be placed in a bag, and hand them to Velvet as they exited the store.

"You... you didn't have to buy them for me" Velvet mumbled quietly, but Coco waved her hand.

"As your team leader, I took the incentive to do so" she grinned, already knowing that Velvet was going to be getting another gift. "Damn..." she stopped. "I forgot to pick up something, can you guys meet me at the airship? I'll be right back," she turned on her heel and went back in to the store. The others nodded and made their way to the airport.

"Coco is really nice" Velvet smiled softly, blushing a little.

"She is an interesting team leader, she shows firmness and a soft hand when needed" Yatsu nodded and walked with his hands behind his back.

"I can't wait to see her fight" Fox snapped his hand together.

"She is impressive, she has a minigun in her bag" Velvet chimed in, the others laughed.

"So she's strong and she's smart... we got the best team in school" Fox laughed softly.

"Yea... the best team" Velvet grinned softly, feeling more at home than anywhere, even in her previous 'family'.

At the terminal, Coco met them with another pair of bags in her arms, she walked over and boarded the airship back up to the school. It was still light outside but it was getting dark quickly so they headed back to their dorm and stayed there for the rest of the night.

Coco pulled out the new outfits she had bought and was checking herself out in the mirror. "Fashion show!" she declared with a smirk. "Put on the clothes you got and we'll see who is cooler, the winner... they get to be my tag team partner" She winked jokily. The boys laughed softly and looked at the clothes they bought, taking off their shirts right there and then.

Coco pulled Velvet's head to the side as she stared at the pair. "Calm down girl, no dating in this team" she smirked, "You get to sit and watch from a distance though" she smirked and winked, leaving Velvet blushing as the pair sat down on Coco's bed and watched the boys dress in their new outfits.

Yatsu put a selection of robes and trousers, Coco finally said "Stop" when he put on a long sleeved green robe with brown trousers "Perfect... mix it with... this!" she pulled out a piece of armour and put it on his shoulder. "Now you look impressive and foreboding!" she laughed softly, leaving Velvet nodding in response.

"You do look very intimidating Yatsuhashi, but you have a... cool... look to you" she smiled nervously and Yatsu nodded to himself. "I do, I like it..." he turned to Fox who had put on a selection of jackets, shirts and trousers but Coco again, interrupted him and made him wear a red sleeveless vest and jeans.

"Now you look intimidating and scary!" Coco laughed, "You look like the kind of guy you wouldn't meet in an alley and survive against" she teased, Fox looking himself in the mirror as he shook his head hair.

"I guess I do" he stretched his arms and nodded.

"Now you Velvet" Coco turned to the girl; who suddenly looked like a rabbit caught in a hunter's sights.

"But... I..." she was about to say 'I dont have anything' when she remembered the clothing she had picked up. Instead of changing in front of them, she went to the bathroom and changed; coming back wearing the blue jeans and vest jacket, she had put it on backwards for some reason.

"Velvet? Vests are worn the other way?" Coco mentioned and Velvet shrugged.

"I like to wear it like this, so I... erm... Nibble on the hood" she hid her face in the hood for a moment as the others all chuckled softly. She was so embarrassed by that comment.

"Its a cute thing" Yatsu patted her back. "And the outfit really suits you" he added.

"You look like a cool trend setter" Fox added.

"I am not entirely impressed" Coco put her finger on her chin. "No... this wont do" she waved her hand in front of her to emphasise her point. Velvet looked nervous now, the others not seeing Coco so firm like this.

"Try this!" she told her, throwing her a bag, Velvet caught it and nervously turned to walk out. What she found... brought the girl to tears. She was in the bathroom for a good half an hour, in the dorm, Yatsu stood at the door.

"Should I go check on her?" he asked worriedly.

"Nah, she'll be fine... " Coco said firmly and sat up when the door clicked. Yatsu stepped back from the door and Fox sat up from where he had been doing sit ups on the floor.

Velvet walked into the room, face red with tears, dressed in a black skin tight bodysuit, brown shorts and a jacket which reached to the bottom of her ribs. Plated in golden armour around her thighs, her waist, shoulders and wrists; it all ended in a pair of golden armoured boots which fit neatly around the edges of her feet.

"Coco... I..." she stammered.

"You don't have to say anything Velvet, I got it for you" Coco told the girl, standing up and pulling her into a hug. "We're a team now, and no one wants for nought in my team, my family!" Coco smirked and motioned for Yatsu and Fox to come over, the four hugging it out in the middle of the room as Velvet bawled tears; caught up in the middle of this cuddle.

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