First Day of School

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Coco sat on the flight watching the city below them disappear past the edge of the view port. Today was the first day of the new year at Beacon and Coco was excited. She smirked and pushed her sunglasses up her nose as she revelled in the fact that she'd made the cut and many hadn't, especially those who were so big headed that they thought they were perfect. Coco did not see herself as perfect but she was well dressed and fashionable, that was all that mattered most of the time.

The aircraft landed and the students began to disembark, carrying suitcases and bags full of possessions. Coco pulled two medium sized suitcases along on their wheels. She inspected everyone around her as she walked, most wore outfits; jackets, shirts and pieces of half armour.

One girl caught her attention as she stopped her walk down the long stone pathway. The girl was taking photo's of the people arriving yet did not look like a student, at least not yet; she was scraggly, her outfit was a ill-fitted T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans which were tightened up with a brown belt so much that it looked comical, the jeans were defiantly not sized for her.

With brown hair tied up in a bun and ending in a short pony tail, the girl was a Faunus, a rabbit to be precise, her long brown ears were long and furry. The girl was taking pictures of the students as they arrived, she locked her camera on Coco who turned her face away at the last minute.

"You know its rude to take photo's of people without their permission" Coco snapped, not harshly but firmly.

"I... I am sorry... I... I was... erm..." the girl stammered, looking down and away, avoiding eye contact.

"Just don't do it with me" she told her firmly before continuing her approach to the main hall where they would leave their bags. Once her bags had been dropped off she headed to the meeting hall where students were already assembling for the usual speech by the head brass. She saw the camera girl not far away, she took a quick snap of the man and woman on the stage before listening.

"Welcome to Beacon. My name is Ozpin, you have come here to become the future. The new shield against the Grimm. The sword to delve into the unknown and protect the world around you from the horrors of the Grimm, Huntsmen and Huntresses, this school will train you to be the best you can be." He began, going on for a few minutes before leaving. The woman introduced herself as 'Goodwitch'. She instructed them on their sleeping accommodations in this hall and that they would begin their first trek into the unknown tomorrow morning.

Once they collected their bags and found a corner to sleep in, the students were starting to intermingle, chat and make friends. Coco watched several students walking around and finding groups to sit with. A large guy whom towered over everyone sat with one group as they all discussed what would happen tomorrow. Another group were discussing weapons, showing each other their weapons and their semblances.

Then there was the camera girl. She sat in a corner, far away from them all and was watching them all through the lens of her camera. She caught the eye of Coco through the lens and quickly moved it away, eyes avoiding Coco's. She knew it was because of what she said earlier.

Standing up, Coco walked over, the girl seemed to cower more into the corner as Coco approached.

"You don't need to be scared of me, I'm not coming to tell you off" Coco told her softly and sat down. "What's your name?" she asked.

"V...V...V...V...Ve..." the girl stammered, annoying Coco even more.

"Spit it out girl, or we'll be here or night" she spoke firmly, not snapping at her.

"Velvet...Velvet Scarlatina" she quickly finished, getting over the shy stammer.

"I'm Coco, Coco Adel, so, how did you get into Beacon? What school did you come from?" she asked curiously, leaning forward with her chin on her palm.

"I... I didn't go to school" she admitted quietly. Coco chuckled softly,

"Of course you did, how else would you be here? They only select the best from the schools for places like Beacon. What school did you come from? You don't need to be embarrassed" she softly smiled and leaned forward again.

"I... I didn't go to school, I.. The professor we saw at the induction... he spoke to me and... offered me a place here" she explained.

"Wait? Ozpin offered you a place here?" Coco leaned back and stared at her surprised over the sunglasses she still kept on her nose.

"Yes, he and Goodwitch, they spoke to me after I stopped a robbery" she added.

"You mean, the Headmaster of Beacon asked you to come here?" Coco was shocked, how did this girl get selected by Ozpin!

"Headmaster? Oh no, he's a professor, he said so" she chuckled back.

"No no, HE is the Headmaster, he likes to call himself a Professor because he was before he became the headmaster, but he IS the Headmaster" Coco smirked slowly as she watched Velvet turn dark red.

She hadn't realised... cute...

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