Honest Offer

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This Story is going to be a long one, got many idea's for this. Set during Velvet's first year and her joining Beacon, meeting Coco, joining team CFVY, training and living with Yatsu and Fox. Finding her first love, getting hurt and finding her true love.

This will have some sauciness as the plot develops but you will have to wait for the true best sauciness! :D

Enjoy and don't forget to follow and review, the reviews ALWAYS help me keep writing. I love hearing what you like and what you dont.

The armoured truck rattled down the street late at night, it had strategically picked this route at this time to avoid many of the clustered streets and the workers going home from their late night shifts.

"You think the game is going to go our way?" The driver asked as he fiddled with the radio with one hand.

"Sure as hell! We're five up in the playoffs, we'll be in the finals pretty soon" the armed guard beside the driver laughed it off before turning and realising something was wrong.

There was a van following them, he saw it in the side mirror.

"We got company" the guard spoke and pulled up the rifle from its rack on the side of the door and prepared it as the truck sped up. Their tail did the same.

"Alright, keep on the route, we'll be there if you keep your foot on the ped..." the man didn't get to finish as the truck was turned up side down and rolled several times. Something hard had hit them and was big. The world turned to a spiral as the truck finally came to a stop; crashing inside a shop front.

People were storming over the vehicle, pulling off doors and with a shudder, they explosively blew the doors off the truck.

"You idiots! Be careful! That's dust in there" someone was yelling and the armed guard looked over at the driver, he was dead; neck turned oddly. Bringing the rifle up, he fired several shots through the door but did nothing, there was noise outside as the people there tried to fish him out.

"Stop!" a voice yelled and the armed guard watched as the men and women in strange outfits dashed from the truck in the direction of the new voice. A loud series of cries, explosions, fighting, defiantly fighting.

Then everything went quiet.

The door opened slowly.

"Are you okay in there?" the new voice spoke softly, a White Fang mask stared at him, he raised his rifle.

"No... I'm not one of them... I helped you" she told him and knelt down, looking around the inside of the truck.

"I've called for an ambulance. You will be fine" The girl smiled softly under the mask.

"You're... a... Faunus?" he asked in pain, his back hurt a lot.

"Yes... Yes I am, but I am not with the White Fang. I am a Faunus, a Rabbit Faunus... My name is V..." She never got to finish as the entire shop front lit up with bright lights.

"Freeze!, Vale Police! Put your hands in the air White Fang!" The police cried through the speaker. Turning to face them with her hands up in the air, the girl saw the cars and the guns pointed at her.

"I am not with the White Fang!" she called out. "I saved this man, the other is dead, the one alive is injured!" she called back.

"Shut it Faunus! You're wearing a Fang mask!" the police called out.

"I wear it to hide from them!... I'm Not with the Fang!" she repeated.

"Take her in" one of them mumbled to his companion but she shook her head.

"I will not let you take me!" she firmly told them, her hands slowly moving down.

"I don't think that will be necessary" a new voice added. A man stepped out of a car and looked at the Faunus girl. "She is with me gentlemen, she is from my school and she was assigned to guard the truck, it is after all, Beacon Property" he motioned to the symbol on the top of the truck.

"Lower your weapons men, Sorry Professor" the officer in charge called and had men rush to help the injured guard inside.

"What you did for me my dear was a good thing" The professor nodded to the girl as he leaned on the staff.

"I stopped the Fang from getting that dust shipment, I am sorry that I could not help your men more than I did" she sighed, looking down sadly, even through the slits in the mask, he could see the sad look she had in her eyes.

"You did well, you did the best you can. I would like to talk to you about something, but first, I'd like to know your name? My name is Ozpin, I'm a professor at the Beacon Academy, a school for Huntsmen and Huntresses." Professor Ozpin nodded, pushing his glasses up his nose with the tip of his finger.

Removing the White Fang Mask, the rabbit Faunus girl smiled at him with her brown eyes.

"My name is Velvet, Velvet Scarlatina..."

"I saw your weapon" he motioned to the bag at her side. "Impressive, does it mimic all weapons?" Ozpin asked.

"No, only the one's I photograph" she explained, not looking him in the eye.

"Then I wish to offer you something which will help you fill your photo album" Ozpin smirked and turned to the open car door where an older woman, a blonde woman with a strange tattered cloak sat waiting.

Taking a few steps to the car, she turned to look at the passenger of the truck behind her who was just getting free, he smiled and nodded to her in thanks. Nodding back to him, she smiled to herself and got in the car with Ozpin and the woman.

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