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The next day, Blake came around to the house, she wore the same clothes as the day before but they were clean as always. Smiling, she walked inside and looked around. Yang had not tidied up and Blake planned on doing that for her. They would spend the day getting used to each other again.

Sat on the sofa, Yang kept her feet up on the coffee table as she turned on the screen with her scroll.

"So where have you been? What did you do after you left us?" Yang asked curiously.

"I hunted Adam or at least hunted the White Fang, so I could get to Adam. It was hard going but I found a lead, that they'd taken up residence in another city. I travelled around, at first I wanted vengeance but then I began to realise that it was justice I really wanted." Blake explained, "I need you guys... I need your help. I went back to Beacon to find out what was going on and its hell out there." She sighed and ran a hand through her hair.

"Team CFVY is one of the major players there, Goodwitch has promoted all students in the second years to full Huntsmen and Huntresses, and is holding the defence of the city. Even CRDL is helping hold the city's defences, but with the Grimm constantly spawning out in the school; its hell" Blake sighed and looked down.

"I can't come back Blake, look at me, I have trouble doing my own hair in the bath, never mind fighting off Grimm and the White Fang. I'm not a Huntress anymore." Yang sighed, pushing the coffee table away with her foot.

"You can be, you just need to try. Get a prosthetic or something" she turned to face Yang, putting a hand on the girls shoulder.

"Why does everyone keep saying that!" Yang snapped and turned to face her. "I don't want a prosthetic! I want my old hand back!" she yelled back. What she got was a slap around the jaw.

"You can't get your old hand back. Its gone, live with it" Blake snapped. "You are sat here whining like a little baby while your younger sister is out there trying to fix the mess. You were supposed to be the strong one Yang, you were our pillar. Ruby was our leader, our drive. Weiss was our support, she backed us up and gave us the options we never think about... Me... I.. I don't know what I was, the cautious one but you." She sighed and shook her head. "You were the pillar holding us all together, the strength and the drive to move forward" Blake was now crying, she turned her head to look away and sighed.

"I should go" she mumbled and stood up to leave.

"No..." a quiet voice left Yang's lips, her hand holding Blake's wrist. "Please... don't go" she added quietly.

Slowly sitting back down, Blake moved closer and then wrapped her arms around Yang, who began to cry into Blake's shoulder nook. They sat there for a while, time seemed to just crawl by as Yang cried; she'd not cried like this, sure she had been upset but she'd never just cried like this.

"We can fix this" Blake whispered quietly into Yangs ear.

"How?" she replied, turning her head to look at Blake, her eyes red and puffy.

"Together?" Blake asked and did not wait for an answer, as she leaned in and gave Yang a soft kiss on the lips. Damn she was doing it! She had to take that step and she did it! She was kissing Yang!

...And Yang, was kissing back! Yang kissed back as she felt the kiss on her own lips, pressing softly against her own, she had forced back against Blake's lips. Something broke inside her as something was released, unleashed.

Yang pushed back against Blake as the pair fell back together on the sofa, Yang's single hand pressed on Blake's shoulder as the girl straddled the Faunus, their lips still pressed together, passing tongues caressed each other.

"Yang..." Blake released a quiet whimper as their lips parted, the pair forgetting to breath for a moment.

"Don't.. Don't say anything..." she whispered back and began to kiss her again, now the top had been released from the can of tension there was no way of bottling it together.

The kissing lasted for all of twenty minutes as Blake ran her hand through Yang's luscious golden hair. They changed places as Yang laid back on the sofa and ran her hand up Blake's thigh and rested on her hip.

"Blake..." she whimpered quietly as Blake kissed down her neck, working around her collar and moving down her shoulder. "Blake!" she whimpered again. Blake continued to move further down. Yang's eyes opened wide as Blake's hand began to lift up the baggy shirt Yang had been wearing for... three? Four? Must have been five days now.

"You should have taken a shower, you smell" Blake chuckled softly as her tongue traced a circle around her belly button.

"I have taken a bath. Just... Don't... Don't stop" she whimpered quietly.

Yang suddenly let out a loud yelp as she felt her jogging pants slipping down. "Blake, what are you doing?"

"Shush... go with it" Blake replied with a soft chuckle, her teeth pulling the front of Yang's jogging. Quickly discarded, Yang was left only wearing her shirt.

"You're not wearing under ware?" Blake smirked, looking at the trimmed pubic hair, she began to burst out laughing at the lightening bolt shape. "Really Yang? Really?"

"What? I wasn't going to wear anything under this if I'm not changing in the next few days" she sighed and blushed at the laughing. "Stop laughing, its not funny alright" Yang groaned and hid her face under her hands.

Blake continued to move down, Yang's face darkening as she felt the breath on her skin between her legs. Sure Yang was 'experienced' but this was different, not any normal person.

Blake did not just go straight in on this, she kissed and ran her tongue along Yang's thigh, causing the girl to whimper and moan quietly.

"It is so cute the way you moan" Blake chuckled softly as she finally ended the teasing and with one long lick across Yang's womanhood, Yang moaned loudly and let a sudden shudder.

Yang smiled down at Blake and ran her hand through Blake's black hair. "Blake" she whispered but didn't manage to say anything else as Blake slipped her tongue inside her once more. Yang's head fell back and her thighs squeezed Blake's head.

This went on until Yang climaxed, she screamed Blake's name as her single hand gripped Blake's hair and yanked her closer. "Blake.. Blake... BLAKE!" she finally screamed and swore loudly.

"Oh fuck me Blake!" she whimpered.

"I plan on doing that Yang, but you need to do the same for me" She chuckled, sitting up and removing her buckles to her trousers with one hand while wiping her chin and lips. Blake laughed and mounted Yang's face with her ass resting on her lips. "Eat up" she laughed and rode Yang's face, letting her tongue slip inside her, teasing and toying with her. Yang's hand ran up Blake's side as she toyed and helped her in her grasp.

Blake was now the one moaning, she had a cuter moan than Yang thought, it was more high pitched, more feminine than Yang's almost manly gasp. Blake also came rather quickly, she had been tensing up way too much and had been wound so tightly that she was like a coiled spring.

"Yaaaahahahanggggg!" Blake whimpered as she shook, bringing more sudden pleasure shot through her body.

Falling back, Blake laughed softly as she held her chest. "We're going to... do more... arnt we?" Blake asked.

"Sure are.." Yang laughed and walked over, with one hand; she picked up Blake and threw her over her shoulder with her single arm and began to walk to the bedroom. "Sure are" she chuckled to herself and threw the Faunus on the unmade and unkempt bed. "Sure are" she repeated as she closed the door.

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