The History of Commander Jack Shepard

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'So Jack, when are you going to take me to that bar you blabbed about on the shuttle' Elena chuckled as she relaxed back in the taxi as it flew through the air.

The 22 year old next to her chuckled as he turned the wheel and brought them down for a landing on a nearby landing port. Climbing out the taxi and swiping his Omni tool across the sensor, Gunnery Chief Jack Shepard motioned with one hand behind him to a bunch of pre-fabs and a couple of old wooden buildings that had clearly been one of the first buildings to be built on this world.

'Right now' Jack smirked and began to head towards the bar, he'd been on shore leave for a few days and was enjoying himself; the SSV Maiden had come into dock on Elysium and had coughed out its tired crew. This was one of many tours Jack was on and was just about to end his latest. It was at least a month on tour and then he'd be heading to Earth for a vacation. If only he knew what Elysium would be like and how this world would change his life.

The bar was busy, the beer was chilled and the food was hot; Jack loved this place, he'd been brought up on so many vessels as his parents jumped from ship to ship; but it wasn't until he was two that he stepped foot on a planet, that planet had been Earth. His mother, 2nd Lieutenant Hannah Shepard had brought him specifically to this world. It wasn't the best memory he could have made for his first trip to the heart of the Systems Alliance.

The funeral lasted a few hours and the gunshots scared the young child, people walked past him in droves and had given their respects. Looking up at his mother, she had not shed a single tear; of course she was tearing up inside but on the outside she had to be strong, she was an Alliance soldier.

His father had passed away during the first contact war with the Turians, and his mother had harboured a little bit of hatred to them; which would take a few years to dissipate. As Jack reached 18, he followed in the footsteps of his family and enlisted into the Systems Alliance. He had been through basic training and even advanced training. Jack's superiors had kept a keen eye on the flourishing soldier; even now they knew he would be a leader.

Jack had just come onto shore leave in the wake of a promotion to Gunnery Chief and had been given a small squad of soldiers to command. This was his little celebration. Elena lifted a glass as she shouted out to the bar to be quiet; Elena had been with Jack since basic back on Earth, they always seemed to be shipped off together. Something flourished between the pair and Jack was nervous about it getting serious.

'Quiet!' She called and raised her glass. 'A Toast, to the next hero of the galaxy! Gunnery Chief Jack Shepard!' She laughed and the entire bar cheered; this was clearly a military bar, the walls were lined with photos of star ships, soldiers and framed medals. Some of the pieces on the wall were old, very old, some ancient earth relics; Jack was sure he'd seen one of the ancient 'old west' six shooters. A time when weapons were still so primitive and could only carry six rounds of lead made Jack shake his head; how had people survived back then?

'Right on chief' a voice from across the room spoke, Terry ran over and patted Jack on the shoulder; Terry was in Jack's squad and was his second in command. The entire squad was here, all drinking and all relaxing on their shore leaves. It was quiet, peaceful, no one to ruin this perfect moment. Turning to the side, Jack pressed his lips to Elena's as she got down from the stool she'd been standing on.

'Nice speech' Jack smirked and tapped the bar for another drink.

'You like? Took me all week to write' Elena smirked and kissed him again, a few 'woooo''s filled the room as Shepard waved his hand at the soldiers around him.

'Get back to work before I demote your asses' he joked. Looking at Elena, she was beautiful; dark brown hair that ran all the way down to her lower back, something she'd been told off for numerous times but she could easily tie it up into a combat helmet. Her green eyes stared back at Jack with total adoration; they were the perfect couple.

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