~ Trap ~

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Annie looked at him with a glare when he told her that she could come to him. "I can handle myself." She told him and walked off down the road, shrugging on her jacket as she went to the squad building she usually got her kit from and grabbed her musket and 3DM kit. There she made sure it was all working for the passing of the Scout Legion.

She only heard it from the squad commanders as they prepared their men, she had no idea they would be bringing Eren through here until that moment. It was perfect; maybe she could snatch him right there in the middle of the city. It would be a gamble but once she was over the walls, she could make a run for the next wall before they knew what was happening.

Dressed in her white hoodie and swapping out her long coat for her half jacket, she prepared her kit. Giving assignments as by the people on site, she would be part of the people following by 3DM gear.

It all seemed suspicious but what she learnt of the Survey Corp they never took anything half measure. The officers left them all as she expected.

Waiting out on the street, she watched the Convoy pass by as she saluted like her fellow squad members. She looked out for Matias, but assumed he'd be at home on what ever mood swing he seemed to have been going for this morning.


Stopping and turning, she saw an alley and saw. Armin? What a surprise. Why the hell was he here? She actually let a little blush for a moment, not wanting to admit that her little crush she had was stood there.

"So.. whats with the outfit?" She asked

"Whats this about?" As Armin explained his little plan, she couldn't help but jump for joy internally. They wanted her to help them break out Eren! All because she was part of the same training division. This was a golden opportunity.

"You're serious about this?" She asked and got her reply. Armin used his brains to say several things to her, guilt tripping her. It was almost as if he knew, but no one should know. It was just Armin being Armin.

"Al right... Lets go." She mumbled, just in case, she slipped on her ring. This wasn't right, it seemed too easy. It was easy to escape the lookouts, she felt suspicious about all this. That was when they brought her to the tunnel entrance. She stopped, thinking through the facts. She could not go down there and transform; it would be stupid to go down.

"You're not afraid of dark places?" Eren teased.

Fuck.. they knew... they knew...

"No. I refuse, I'm too afraid, above ground I'll help. Otherwise.. the deals off." She told them.

"It seems for whatever reason, this place has been completely deserted... "

Angles, she needed angles, she could run that way, no; they'd have people there... Her gear, she could fly out; no, they'd have people on the roof. She'd have to transform. It was the only way, grab Eren and run.

"That hurts me, it really does. The way you're looking at me. If I didn't know better, I'd say you didn't trust me."

Then they talked about Marco's gear. A smile. She smiled.

"Yes, I found it and used it. I took it."

The two Titans...

"No one knows... but if you suspected it months ago, why wait?"

He didn't want to believe he was right.

The fact she didn't kill him. Damn it.. her fucking crush put her in this place.

A smile again, "Yes... we're here because I liked you... of course, I'd never dreamed you'd corner me like this. Why... why didn't I do it then?"

"We both know I can't come down there."

Mikasa was ready to fight... she was going to try and kill me?

Annie burst out into laughter, she'd never laughed like this in years. Since she was a child back home with her father.

"You know Armin, its nice to be a good person for you. For now at least, at least you won your bet. But... I'm going to gamble to and here's my wager!"

Bang they signalled something. She was surrounded. They gagged her. to stop her biting But she had one plan... her ring.

She transformed.

The sound rang out for miles, the flash. Matias would see it from a distance. Slowly rising out of the smoke, the Female Titan rose above the buildings

Trying to grab Eren, she failed to grab him, he escaped into the tunnels. Now she had to deal with the others outside. Smashing into people, she took out anyone who got near.

She saw the wings of freedoms and knew there were Survey Corps specialists here but she also saw a few Military Police officers. it was so easy, even in the middle of the street, she was able to take a lot of them out.

The problem was Mikasa, the damn bitch was too good, Armin... she would have to kill him now.

No.. she couldn't do that...blocking her neck, she knew they'd try and get her. She'd chase after Eren and Armin; unaware of it being Jean.

Again, they tried to trap her with the ropes and spears Laid out on the floor, she thought it through. That four eyed Survey Corp officer from earlier. At least she had her nape covered. She wouldn't let them take her down. She needed to escape; fuck Eren, she was going to get out!

Smashing up the place, she began to jog for the wall. Climb it, head South to the outer wall. Throwing rocks and keeping her pace, she ran as fast as she could until..

She turned and saw the detonation of a transformation. Dammit.. Eren was coming for her.

Now she was very worried. Raising her fists, she began to try and fight him off but he was too powerful, she was tossed around like a rag doll.

Standing up to her feet, she brought her fists up, knee bent; just like her father taught her. She would take him, kill him then get out of here. Fuck the mission.

Punch. Kick, spin. She was thrown and she got up, he was too fast and strong, almost berserker. She ran for the wall but he was after her She had knocked him down enough but he kept getting back up! Why did he keep getting back up!

Screaming out as he smashed her head into the floor repeatedly. She tried to fight back as he squeezed her face, it hurt so much! Why did he keep getting back up!

Kicking off him, she ran for the wall but he pinned her down, it was almost sexual in nature the way they were fighting, if the Titans had genitalia, it would almost look like the pair were fucking.

Kicking him away, she ran for the wall; hardening her fingers she jumped but he followed, pinning her down. She was almost there!

Slash... Slash...

"Annie... now fall" Mikasa was there, right in her face. She fell back and landed hard, trying to sit up, she couldn't defend her neck, her hands were limp... Sitting up she turned and saw Eren run at her one last time; his hand was level at her neck.

"Annie.. I'm sorry." She heard the voice, her father...

"Father.. I'm sorry." She whispered. Blackness. When she opened her eyes, she fell out of the decapitated head; she was in pain, her right arm and her left leg from the knee was gone. Crawling slowly, she left a trail of blood from the left leg dangling by a few strands of muscle.

She crawled for what felt like eternity but was only seconds, right to the food of the door; she needed to get away. Looking up, her single eye, the other hanging out of its socket met Matias's. She was whimpering, crying, a mess.

"H.. h.. help.. me... " She whimpered, she begged. Without realising it, her head had landed into the wall across from the house, she had crawled to HIS doorstep.

"He...help me... please..." She begged Matias as he stood in the doorstep.

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