~ Suspicions ~

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Matias didn't know whether to be more proud or even more upset that Annie had actually listened to each of his requests and completed them without fail. He'd been hoping that there would be something that could point him in the direction of a betrayal. But all he'd gotten was more evidence that she was a good officer and thinking about the time they'd spent together, a good friend.

So for two days he was frustrated and steadily getting a little angry up until he came home on the night of the second day. The night Annie came back with muddy boots, told a story that was revealed the next morning. A meeting was called among the Military Police officers and the leader of the Survey Corps, Erwin Smith.

He hadn't been paying much attention to their endeavours, but the failure in their mission what was a Female Titan, stranger and different than other Titans. The meeting had been called to talk about that Female Titan and the fact that Erwin believed that the mysterious Titan was someone within humanity and more importantly, in the Military Police. It didn't take a genius to put two and two together the moment that question was asked, the superior officer having to keep his mouth shut as Erwin explained the situation and then adjourned the meeting.

The rest of the day and the next was something of a blur, Military Police and the Survey Corps both trying to figure out who the mysterious Female Titan was. Little did they know Matias already had an idea on who it was, the appearance of this mysterious Titan lining up too well with the disappearance of his subordinate.

On the third day when Annie finally awoke, the conflicted officer had been eating an apple after a night of drinking and ripping apart at least three different finished confession reports. He couldn't write anything like that without solid evidence, but unfortunately the moment that Annie walked downstairs to greet him he had what he needed. Those markings were not tattoos. Those markings were not beauty marks. Those markings were what he couldn't dare think about without wanting to scream. He bit into the apple to keep his composure in check and then looked over at Annie with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

"So sleeping beauty is finally up huh? You look like shit." He gestured to the red around her eyes, cheeks, and neck.

"Specially around here. Honestly you should take the day off to get some food and a little more rest. Work has gotten kinda slow since..." He takes another bite of his apple to keep his tone and expression calm and level.

"Both the survey corps and military police are looking into a rouge Titan. Female Titan I think it's called. All resources are going towards looking for who we believe is someone within these very walls, but considering how small our unit is..." He tosses the apple thats been reduced to a simple core into the trash and looks at Annie with a light shrug. "I'm sure they won't miss us for a day."

Walking down the stairs and sitting down, she saw her commanding officer and raised an eyebrow. He had clearly been up for a while, perhaps even all night. He had probably been trying to figure out where she had been.

At the comment of her being 'sleeping beauty' and 'looking like shit' she shook her head.

"I do not need to take more time off. I believe I already took enough unlisted time off." She explained. "Although the Military police are the kind of people to just disappear a lot... I might have been meeting a lover, being drunk for several days and getting 'down with it'." She brought her hands up and made finger apostrophe motions when she said 'down with it'.

At the mention of the Female Titan and the search for it, no emotion flashed on her face; she knew they'd be searching for someone.

"Why would they be searching for a Titan in the city? I thought Titans were outside the walls; thats the Survey Corp's job after all isn't it? Then the Garrison should be involved if there is a Titan in the wall." She explained, picking up her coffee and sipping it.

"This 'Female Titan' must be something different. Why would they be looking in the walls with the Military Police?" She asked. News about the 'shifters' wasn't known to everyone, only a small number of people. Either she was a VERY good liar or she was unaware of it all.

"Did the Survey Corps not recently come back from a failed mission? I heard they had a lot of dead. I'd believe that they should work more on not getting killed than looking for some made up Titan."

Matias kept silent throughout the questions and had to actually hold his tongue when Annie mentioned the Survey Corps. Annie may be among the top in brute strength, but it was now abundantly clear that she wasn't good at lying when it counted. He looked into the fruit basket and found that much to his displeasure he'd eaten the last piece of fruit that he could've gotten his hands on. Running his tongue along the bottom of his teeth, the officer with little option looked to Annie.

"Annie." His eyes closed and the entirety of his expression seemed to scrunch up before relaxing as his eyes reopened.

"How did you hear about the Survey Corps? You came back just before they did and went to sleep for two straight days. Nobody could've told you unless..." His eyes narrowed and the tone of his voice took on an authoritative and striking tone.

"...You were there."

Annie stood up slowly, a slight shiver of the corner of her lip before she shrugged. "Its easy to hear the noise outside, that old couple next door doesn't shut up when they open their windows." She quickly covered herself but knew she'd fucked up.

"Why would I even go out there? I mean, I joined the Military Police to avoid that." She explained and sipped her coffee before putting the cup down.

"I got to go do my patrol. If you're going to come along, you better clean up.. You look like shit... sir.." She added the sir in respect before going to grab her long-coat and waiting by the door.

Matias' expression was unchanging as Annie continued to give him poorly made lies. He sucked his teeth as she got up to grab her long-coat. If she went out she'd probably get caught by the Military Police or Survey Corps because of those red marks on her face. She was either panicking or stupider than he'd thought.

All the higher ups especially those in the Survey Corps were told of what signs to look for in their search for the shifter. One of them was the red rash like marks along the eyes, cheeks, and neck. If he let Annie walk out to do her morning routine there's no doubt in his mind she'll get caught. It was his job to let that happen, but the more she began to put on her jacket the more conflicted that he began to feel. It reached a breaking point as she began to move towards his door, his eyes squeezing shut and head looking down.

"Annie. If you ever find yourself in trouble, you can come back here. Please do your best to remember that." That was the last thing that he said as her superior officer, the man walking out of the kitchen and up the stairs that'd lead him to the bedroom upstairs.

He silently hoped that some twist of fate would allow the Survey Corps and Military Police to miss their mark. Unfortunately his hopes would go unanswered as unbeknownst to both of them, Armin Arlert had already figured out her identity. In fact he alongside Eren Jaeger and the rest of the Survey Corps are waiting for her arrival to confirm her identity and capture her.

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