~ Mission ~

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Going up to her room, she dumped her things and inspected the room, opening the window just enough to let fresh air into the room but not letting anything more than a small bird through the gap. She unpacked her things and put them away into the cupboards and draws. She put up her 3DM kit into cupboard ready to be dismantled and cleaned.

Working her standard shifts, Annie made her way through the next few weeks with her normal shift. She worked her duties as a Military Police Soldier, arresting criminals that attempted to steal from stalls, intercepting drug deals in the capital by the poor; of course she noted that she never arrested any of the rich, important or well known people.

It seemed the Merchants, royalists and the wealthy all had some immunity from certain acts. When she did attend some major event to stop some crime, the rich were mostly let off with warnings and mentions of 'keeping it quieter'. She grumbled quietly, she hated when people got away with things.

Over the time she spent with him, her mornings were all exactly the same. She got up early and worked out, going for runs around the blocks and districts in a set of running gear before coming home, showering and making herself breakfast. She wore her uniform without a single crease and looked perfect in the eyes of the other members of the Military Police whom did not care about their uniform.

Annie wasn't emotionless, she just did not care, she avoided making comments about people good or bad, and only made simple and upfront comments when asked; she was brutally honest and that made her hated in some eyes. She never seemed to lie to anyone, except as he seemed to note; she was living a major lie.

When taken to any of the restaurants, she ate the food but made comments on it as always in her brutally honest manner.

"This is too bland, it requires salt"

"This is too spicy, it would need to be milder to bring out the real taste"

"This is too salty, more pepper is needed"

She seemed to have an opinion on everything and never hid the truth from her comments. At one function with a rich family, she told the son of the nobleman who invited them that he was a 'Stuck up little brat who's nose was far dirtier than a dogs arse' when he had made comments about her status as a military police.

Annie seemed to have no preference for food or drink, although she did not drink alcohol; the comments she made were "If I wanted to become a drunkard, I would have tried to be an officer" bringing many laughs at parties but was actually a brutally honest statement again.

One day, she disappeared, Annie had got up early, she had heard news, stupid news. Eren Jaeger arrested by Military Police and taken into the custody of the Scout Legion.

She had fought during the battle for Trost against the Titans before her assignment to the Military Police but she had not seen him transform, nor had she realised he was the key to this all. Why the hell had she not noticed anything when she had been in the Training Squad with him.

She hated herself for this and knew she had to go deal with it. Reiner and Bertholt had messaged her and she had gotten the plans for the initial route the Scout Corp would take.

Going out the main gate of the Inner Wall, she then headed by horse to the second wall where she transformed into her Titan Form.

The Female Titan was the nickname given by her people outside the island this pathetic race lived on, she clambered up the wall and ran off into the distance.

What followed was several fights, picking off the Scouts and seeing her old team, she had to find Eren. Running into Reiner was the most helpful as he gave her his exact position. Now chasing them down into the forest, she knew this was a bad place to be but they did not expect a sentient Titan. She killed many men, and oh lords it felt so good to wash the blood of this pathetic race on her skin; they got what they deserved for past pains to her people.

The main problem was when she was trapped. She'd given them too little thought and got caught, luckily her little trick saved her life. Hardening her skin, she broke free after transforming back into her human form. Escaping in her gear, she killed more Scouts; the famous Levi Squad was to be picked apart as she transformed again

Killing them off was nice, but a close call when they took out her arms and eyes. Luckily she knew another trick and healed one eye first, killing the rest of the squad. Now she had to fight Eren, his form, the titan most well known for its aggressiveness. She had to be careful.

Taking up her 'stance' she prepared to fight him. It was like back in training, he was so predictable and easy to take out. She ran for a little bit, but then continued to fight.

Damn he was fast, damn he was strong. Hardening. She needed to defend herself. Damn, what was this feeling in her chest, the... was this fear? Was she actually scared of him? Yes. It had to be. No.. she wouldn't let him win, she had to win; she had to beat him for her people! For her family. To see her father again.

Turning, she decapitated him with a single slash, now was the chance to take him; she needed the boy not the Titan form. Kneeling down and opening her mouth as far as it could go; she bit down and took him in her mouth; this was the safest place for him.

Looking up and seeing Mikasa and Levi, she took off running. She knew the damn girl was just as good as her and Levi, she'd heard stories about how good he was.

No matter how much she ran, she knew they would catch up. Covering up her neck, she knew they would go for her. They took her legs, so she covered herself.

They were too good, she cold not escape with them both following her. Pain, she felt pain along arm and then they did it again. Both eyes. She had to remember that next time.

Covering herself from the floor, she was being cut apart. Damn, she couldn't last this long. No scream, no she couldn't open her mouth. There... The pin. She swiped for whoever was going for her neck.

Fuck! Her mouth had been cut. Levi... that bastard.

She waited for them to finish her off but... nothing came. When her eye healed, she looked around and saw she was alone. They'd taken Eren. Damn. She'd have to try again at some point.

When she was fully healed, she got up and went back to the wall, transforming outside and climbing the wall back to her waiting horse.

When she arrived back in the city two days later, she went into her room and collapsed. For two full days she did not leave the room, although he knew she was back by the boots left by the main door. They were muddy and had shown she'd been somewhere.

On the third day, she came out and sat down at the breakfast table; she had not gone for her run today and her face was slightly red, especially around the eyes, cheeks and neck.

"Morning..." she mumbled quietly, still looking exhausted.

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