~ Home Sweet Home ~

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Matias wasn't sure how many codes of conduct that Annie had broken in those three sentences, but he let it slide regardless and kept quiet rather then respond. Though he was curious and that much more suspicious that she'd jumped to that conclusion that quickly. Was it more of the sarcasm he was starting to be able to get used to or something much darker? He didn't know. As she invited him in the most unenthusiastic way possible to join her he rose an eyebrow, but otherwise stayed quiet as he stepped in line with her. The two went to the barracks in dead silence and she collected her belongings in that same silence, the book catching his eye and much like everything else he'd seen or caught into going into a "figure out later" section in his mind.

"Alright. Now that you've got your stuff, we should should get going." He said with a turn in the direction of the exit, the two of them making quick work in getting out of the building and on the way to his neighbourhood.

His neighbourhood unlike most officers wasn't located near a seedy district or the base, but a very quiet place in an almost isolated part of the town protected by the walls. It wasn't really at all exciting, but it was quiet with a tight community made up mostly of elderly people and families. Each knew and thankfully, liked him; something that most people spread throughout the walls didn't share due to the military polices understandably rotten reputation.

Walking with Matias through the barracks and getting her stuff, she followed him through the neighbourhood he lived in. She took in all the details, sounds and sights; she made sure that she took in a lot of information so that she could use it at some point.

She saw the type of people he lived around and found it very much like his character. She was already getting the image of him in her mind.

"So, Annie. Since we're pretty much going to be rooming together is there anything I should know?" He moved his hand through the air in a small gesture with a brow raised. "Hobbies or rules or anything like that." The moment that his subordinate opens her mouth he interrupts with slightly sterner stare. "And don't say something sexual."

At his small talk, she spoke softly as she matched his pace; her pack over her shoulder and her 3DM gear over the other shoulder. "Well, there are several rules I follow. No touching my laundry, I do my own and no one touches my clothes. No entering my room and I require a separate room... I will put a lock on it and you will not enter it. I cook my own meals and don't eat other meals unless I know exactly what is in it" She explained softly,

"And I wasn't going to say anything sexual but I will add this now, seeing as you mentioned it, No touching my underwear, no sexual moves on me either" she chuckled softly, Arriving at his house, she turned and waited for him to unlock the door.

A flat and somewhat bemused expression settled across the superior officer's expression as Annie gave him some much more "intimate" rules. Here he'd thought that all of the rules that she had given him was more then enough and particularly annoying. In the span of around three minutes he now has to deal with a second set of hands doing laundry and quite possibly the pickiest version of eating that he could've gotten. At the same time he was somewhat impressed by how she was this self-sufficient at a young age. Most people that he knew that were twice his age still couldn't handle that much responsibility, but that might be a result of his associates being subhuman in their own responsibilities. Another thing that struck him at that moment was how all of those "rules" were those that matched someone wanting to keep a secret. What was that secret? He didn't know, but now he was almost certain that there was more to Annie Leonhart then anyone was told.

"I'll keep all that in mind." His response was dry as the hand that dug in his pocket took out the key to his home. It was a quaint home at around two stories with a small flower garden at the top and relatively boring in terms of design with different shades of brown. The people that pass them by were mostly families that passed him a stare and older folk that gave him a wave that were returned with a smile. His key clicks in the hole and the two are able to enter his quiet home, the rays of dwindling sunlight illuminating the darkened home.

"There's a room upstairs to the left that you can take. It's a guest room with the bare essentials in it. The bathroom is to the right and my own room is the furthest right." The bag of fruit that he'd been holding onto was finally placed on the table to wait and be placed in a bowl.

"So come there if you need anything since I'll be in there for the remainder of the day." With that said he made his way to the staircase that lead to the second floor of his home and made his way into his own room.

His own room was almost an exact mirror of his office complete with a desk with paperwork on it. The key differences were in the real lack of personality in the room except for a photo on his dresser; the picture depicted his family when his sister was still among the living. He glanced at the picture as he always did on the way to his desk and upon taking a seat grabs a single paper from the pile. The title read, "Report on Annie Leonhart," his pen taken in hand pressed down on the line beneath the title. As a commanding officer it was his job to do these reports for each officer in his unit, but considering the current state of his unit he's never actually bothered to do a single one.

Thinking back on the short time he's spent with Annie and his own deductions he decides that it's time to break tradition and actually do this report. That was how his first night goes down, the commanding officer writing down his deductions and suspicions that had gathered in his mind. By the middle of the night he'd written a whole page, but rather then handing it in he put it in his pile to be continued at a later date. He may have his suspicions, but it was worth giving the younger girl and this partnership the benefit of the doubt.

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