Chapter Twenty

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Jax PoV

We ran for hours, just getting to know each other in wolf form. Annabelle's wolf was seriously mesmerising, I caught myself on more that one occasion staring at her instead of where I was going and ended up either tripping or running into something, usually a tree.

We were now slowly making our way back to the house and I could tell that Annabelle was nervous about shifting back into her human form again. I tried to convince her that it wouldn't be as bad as earlier when she shifted before but that still didn't calm her fears.

As we broke through the tree line that separated the forest from my back garden I heard a small whimper from behind me and I knew that Annabelle was lagging behind, trying to stay for as long as she could in her wolf form.

I trotted up to her and buried my head into the fur of her neck, trying to reassure her that everything would be okay. We hadn't gotten to the stages of teaching her how to mind link yet so all the communication we had was through body language.

I whined when the bitter smell of fear tinged the air and nuzzled her neck again, trying to reassure her as much as I could before I stepped away and changed back into my human body.

Annabelle's eyes grew wide when she realised what I was doing and quickly turned her back before she caught a glimpse of me naked. I laughed and shook my head at her innocence, mostly everyone around here were fairly comfortable being naked for short periods of time. I mean you kind of have to be if your going to be stripping in and out of clothes to change into your wolf most of your life. It's either that or spend a fortune on clothes.

I shuddered at the idea of having to do that much shopping but quickly brushed it aside and took a few steps into the woods to find some shorts and a shirt I knew I stashed there. There are always emergency clothes hanging around the forest all around my packs territory, just in case an accident happens and the person hasn't got any clothes to change into.

I slipped into a pair of shorts as I carried the shirt out to Annabelle, knowing that she would need something to change into as well.

"Come on my little mate your going to have to change eventually, I promise you it won't hurt as much as it did last time" I pleaded with her as I looked into her moonstone eyes. I still couldn't get used to the colour of them. Every wolf I've ever met has gold eyes when they shift so why didn't she?

Annabelle just shook her head in reply before getting comfy on the grass, resting her head on her paws and closing her eyes.

I sighed, we weren't going anywhere anytime soon so I got comfy next to her and lay back in the grass with my hands above my head.

"I remember the first time I shifted, it was at Hannah's thirteenth birthday party and she hated me for months because I stole all of the attention away from her" I laughed at the fond memory. "She had been planning this party with mum for months, had everything planned down to a T... or so she thought. As soon as it was time for the cake to be bought out and for everyone to start singing happy birthday to her my wolf chose that exact moment to come out. I think we even have it on film somewhere" I laughed.

Annabelle's ears we facing towards me, telling me she was listening to my story but if it wasn't for that telling sign I would have assumed she'd had gone to sleep. "Do you want to know the kicker of the whole story? Hannah's birthday is actually a week after mine but she wanted to plan it before my birthday because she knew as soon as I turned sixteen all the attention would be on me and my wolf and she'd get none" I laughed. "Apparently my wolf didn't like that idea very much and I shifted a week before I was supposed to. She blames it on my inner Alpha but I think my wolf knew how much I loved to mess with her and decided to help me out" I chuckled, I hadn't thought of that memory in a long time.

We stayed silent again for quite a while, just enjoying each other's company but when the sun started to set behind the trees I sat up and stroked the soft fur on top of Annabelle's head. "Come on my little mate, it's time to shift. Every werewolf had been in your shoes, scared of shifting back from fear of the pain but it won't be as bad as last time and the more you shift the easier it is. It's kind of like your body is learning how to shift and the more you do it the more you find little short cuts to make it less and less painful until it's like breathing, like it's the most natural thing in the world to do".

Annabelle grumbled, obviously not happy with the fact that she would have to shift but slowly got to her feet and stared at the ground in concentration but after a few minutes nothing happened and she growled in frustration.

"Just picture your body, all the little quirks it has. The way it feels to wiggle your toes, to pick something up in your hands, brushing your hair, all the things that make you human and make you you".

We stood for a few more seconds before slowly her body started to shake and I knew she was shifting back. I grabbed the discarded shirt that was beside me and held it up so that I couldn't see anything I wasn't supposed to, not yet anyway I chuckled to myself.

My wolf was sad to see her wolf go but was happy that they now had her in our life and she now had the opportunity of feeling the mate bond.

I came back to reality when I heard gasping from behind the shirt and I knew that she was in human form again. I swiftly put the tshirt over her head and caught her before she could fall to the floor in exhaustion. Shifting, especially for the first few times was extremely tiring both physically and mentally and I knew she was going to sleep for a long time once I got her in.

I cradled her towards my chest and held her tight as I moved into the warmth of the house. Even though she was covered in sweat I knew that if I didn't keep her warm she could get very sick.

"I feel it" I heard her mutter and my heart skipped a beat at the sound of her voice.

"Feel what my little mate?"

She smiled and snuggled into my chest, as if she couldn't get close enough to me, "the mate bond".

A grin spread across my face at the though of my mate finally being able to accept me and me finally being able to claim her as mine, mine and no one else's.

I kissed her forehead before I opened the front door and made my way upstairs and to my room, to our room.

"Sleep well my little mate, I'll be right here when you wake up" I whispered as I laid her under the covers.

She shook her head with a cute little frown on her head causing a little V to appear between her eyebrows "sleep with me".

I chuckled before getting under the covers with her and pulled her into my chest. If possible the sparkles between us had gotten even stronger and I smiled at the thought before sleep overtook me and I was out for the count with my mate safely wrapped in my arms.

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