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Tiny Klaine Stories: Rich Boy Meeting The Poor One - Part1

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{Hellooooo lollipops! How have you been? It's been a long time since I've last posted a part of my book. Well now I'm back with a new story which has more than one part!! Hope you like it! Vote, comment & tell me what you think of this part!
I spread love & ignore the hate.}


*Kurt's P.O.V*

It was a cold winter day & I was choosing the best outfit for the day among the hundreds of clothes I had in my closet. The sound of fire burning in the fireplace could be heard although the sound of music playing from the radio was much louder.
I was finishing styling my hair when I heard a knock on the door. Assuming it was Mary I said:"Come in!"

_:"Good morning, Mr. Hummel!" She smiled that sweet smile of her.
_:"Isn't that my beloved lady?" I greeted her the way I usually do & gave her a small kiss on her cheek. She blushed & said:"Honey waffle with hot milk & some fruits! Hope you enjoy your breakfast!" And then put down the tray she was holding, on a table in my big, well designed room. Mary's such a sweet maid. Actually the sweetest one I've ever employed. She's about 60 & yet full of energy.
_:"Hmmm that seems nice!!!" I said before taking a seat at the table.
_:"So do I have any letters?" I asked taking a sip of my hot milk.
_:"Uhm... well I'm not sure. ANNA????" She shouted for my second maid making me cover my ears. Soon she was upstairs at my door.
_:"Yes aunty Mary? Good morning Mr. Hummel!" She greeted me nicely like she always do. Anna is a young maid like around 22years old & Mary's niece. She's such a beautiful lady. I should admit if I liked girls like I like guys, I would choose someone like her!
_:"I know you would!" She said smirking at me. she does that all the time, reading my mind & stuff!
_:"Hey you're not allowed to read my mind Anna!! What if I'm having private thoughts?"
She giggled & handed me a few letters:"Here are your today letters, Mr. Hummel."
_:"Thank you both! You are dismissed." I said & smiled at them both, starting to read my letters while eating the delicious breakfast my lovely Mary had made me.
You may think how I became this rich, well I'm a 25year old successful & famous writer & also had a great paternal aunt who died & left all her money for her nephew. I'm so thankful for whatever I have & also try to help the poor every now & then. I believe that when you can, you have to help.
But I had a little problem... I had not ever found love. No one wanted me for me. They either wanted the name or the money & that was why I never involved myself in anything serious, I either did one night stands or nothing at all. After all I had a lot to focus on, you know?

*Blaine's P.O.V*

It was a cold winter day. I could feel the wind stinging my face. Tried to make myself warmer by pulling up the shabby thin blanket I had but that was no help. I got up & sat on the old wooden bed of mine running a hand through my damp curls. They hadn't been dried since the night before when I had to walk home although it was snowing like crazy & I had no hat & not even a piece of clothing to cover my hair. But that's how I've lived for the past 13 years of my life.
I've never had a proper family, even in the 10 years that I lived with them, I never felt like I belonged... I never had a mother who would sing me to sleep as she had died after she'd given birth to me & my dad... he just never wanted to be my father. He thought I was sent to the Earth to bring him misery as I took away his one true love from him with my birth & specially when I told him I was gay at the age of 9. So I always tried to be away to not start a talk with him or do anything that reminds him of having me as a son. When I was 10, he said that he couldn't raise me any longer & gave me to his brother. I lived with my uncle for 5years & then left his house as well & started working at a coal mine.
Now all that is bitter old memory & I have a little house in the woods near the city, old but useful furniture & as much clothes as I could get. I'd been saving most of my money for my future -If I'm ever going to have one-.
Sometimes life made me want to give up on everything & just lay there till I die but something inside me always encouraged me & wanted me to stand up & fight for a better life.
I got up & splashed some water over my face before changing into my usual outfit, biting an apple before starting a working day at the mine.
_:"Come on Blaine! Maybe today will be a special day!" Shouted my insides.
_:"Huh.. yea... Maybe..." I whispered shaking my head.

*Kurt's P.O.V*

I had a meeting with one of my high school friends & gotta say my best friend: Rachel at one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city that evening. Rachel is a famous Broadway star & such a successful & rich lady.
So we went there, ate & had an awesome evening just talking about life & stuff. I found out that she has been cast in a TV series as well & was working hard on it every day.
-:"Rachel!!! That's amazing!!! I'm so proud of you girl!!" I said from the bottom of my heart & got up to give her a tight hug.
-:"Well! I wasn't so surprise! I'm such a good actress, who wouldn't want me, right?" She said winking at me. I chuckled.
-:"So what's new in your life, Kurt?"
_:"Uhm... I have a book signing on Saturday!"
-:"That's amazing! I would love to be there if the director lets me go for a while this Sat."
-:"I'll be happy to see you Rache." I smiled & cleaned my mouth with a napkin.
-:"So what about... your love life? Any news there?"
-:"Oh no... Nothing new..."
-:"Hey!" She placed a hand on mine & continued:"Kurt, some day you'll find a perfect man. I'm sure of it!!!"
-:"Huh... yea... maybe..." I looked at her sad & hopelessly.
-:"Boy! I'm being serious here! Don't give me that look! You are handsome, cute, lovely, kind, famous & rich! Who wouldn't want you?!"
-:"Can we talk about something else Rachel? Please." And with that I ended the conversation.

*Blaine's P.O.V*

-:"Heeeeey! What's up bro?" Shouted James from a corner at the mine. He is my best friend who's been there for me since I went to middle school. Nowadays I see him every now and then in the mine.
-:"Heeey man! Nothing much, you?" I said walking toward him to shake his hand.
-:"I tried to impress a girl." He answered & I started grinning:"And?"
-:"Nothing... she called me garbage..." He replied looking the other way.
I placed a hand on his shoulder & said:"I'm sorry James... Nowadays everyone cares about the looks & money... Where is this nation going?"
-:"Let's face it B! No one wants a miner... I don't blame them. I wouldn't want one either..."
-:"Don't talk like that you hopeless boy!!!! Cheer up! I'm sure you'll end up with the best girl in town!" I smiled at him rubbing his shoulder.
-:"I wish I had your positive spirit! Never lose it B!" He smiled back at me.
-:"Not planning on it! See you around James!"
-:"Yea ok! Bye!"
And I started walking home. I had no idea why, but something inside me wanted me to take the city way to go back to my house & so I did.

*Kurt's P.O.V*

-:"I had a great time, Kurt! I'd missed you so freaking much!" Said Rachel pulling me in a tight hug.
-:"Me too dear!" I hugged her back.
-:"You sure don't need a ride?" She looked concern.
-:"It's not like there are rubbers all over the town, Rache!! I'm fine. Bye & take care."
-:"Okay. You too. love you!" Then she started walking to her car that was waiting for her on the other side of the street.
-:"Love you too!" I shouted back & turned to walk away when I bumped into someone.
-:"Oh my!!! I'm so so sorry! I didn't mean to..." I said, looking down, not even seeing whom I've bumped into.
-:"It's okay. I know you didn't." He replied politely & I looked at him for the first time & my heart stopped at my vision! He was so hot!! Dark curls laying loose around his face & such beautiful hassle eyes that made me wanna melt right there & then. And his body! Even through his white shirt, I could see his perfectly muscled body. That was when I heard a cough & found out that I was close to drooling all over him:"Oh, I'm... I was just... Uhm... sorry..."
He laughed a bit & said:"It's okay. You're pretty good looking yourself man!" He smiled & I got lost in his lovely smile & blushed at the compliment.
-:"Uhm... well... gotta go... have a nice night!" He said & walked away. I watched him go:"Oh... My... God!!! I'm in love!!" I said to myself trying to catch my breath.

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