Stranger person

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'' Is Tsunahime ready right now?'' Hayato asked

'' Yes'' Tamami answer

Tsuna walked out from Misa bedroom she wearing her scarf and spectacle as usual

Hayato and Reborn have surprise expression on their face

'' Do not pressure her, give her time'' Tamami answer

'' That okay, if Tsunahime felt comfortable it'' Hayato said

'' Thank you Hayato'' Tsuna have smile expression on her face

'' Go now three of you will late to school'' Misa said

'' Grandma right let go now'' Tsuna said

Tsuna,Tamami and Hayato step out from house

As they walked to their school they chatting with each other

'' Tamami, Hayato I know maybe both of you sleep together yesterday,right'' Tsuna tease Hayato and Tamami

'' No!'' Both of them in unison

Tsuna laugh to saw their reaction

" Tamami look she have fun now"

" Yeah, let's hope she laugh and smile everyday" Tamami respond

As they chatting they arrive in front of their school gate

Tamami see a handsome figure near the big tree

" Hayato,Tsuna look over there"

Hayato and Tsuna turn their direction where Tamami pointing

" Tsunahime he quite suspicious from my persepctive" Hayato have detective expression on his face

" I dunno" Tsuna said

Tsuna intuition spark something

" Let catch him right Tamami" Hayato said

" I am ready" Tamami said

" but... he quite hesistant or look like first time he see a school face to face" Tsuna answer

" I will approach him" Tsuna said

" No! Tsunahime"

Tsuna started walking toward a stranger guy without responding Hayato

" Hello may I help you" Tsuna said with  polietly

The stranger turn his face and have surprise expression on his face

" The Angel come down from earth" The stranger look memerising Tsuna sparkling

" ...." Tsuna silence

" I am sorry for my sudden speech" The stranger bowed

" This is my first time see a normal school face  to face"

" And I have duty from my master to inform this school principal but I could not sure where is school principal office"

Tsuna have shocked expression on her face and composure herself

" If then I will help you guide to school principal office" Tsuna invite

" Okay then I will take your words, please guide me" The stranger bowed

Tsuna and the stranger started walking toward in school follow by Tamami and Hayato

" Thank you milady" The stranger have smile expression on his face

" I am not mil..." Tsuna said

The stranger pretend not hear

Tsuna give up as the stranger just keep silence

After a few minutes later...

" Here is our school principal office" Tsuna said

" Thank you milady I am sure we will meet again" The stranger bowed

The stranger knocking and unlocked the door

Tsuna tilt head " Why he call me milady?"

" Tsunahime are you okay?"

" I am okay Hayato" Tsuna answer

" Both of you let enter class now or we will late" Tamami call

" Tamami right, let go enter class now" Tsuna said


See you later......

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