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"Yes hyung???"Mark went downstairs and saw Taeyong, Jaehyun, Johnny and Taeil sitting on the couch.

"Sit here"Jaehyun pat the empty seat beside him.
"Why did you called me hyung??"

"We have something to ask"Taeil said.
"W-What??"Mark replied and laughed awkwardly.
"Why do you guys sounded so serious??Except for Jaehyun Hyung"he added.

"Heyyy!!!I'm serious here!!!"
"Stop"Taeyong said.

"Mark"Taeyong looked at him.
"Do you like Koeun??"Johnny asked.
"Yeah, answer us, don't lie please"

Mark stayed silent for a few minutes.
"I-I think so...."
"Mark, don't tell us I think so, just say that you like her!!!"
"I-"Mark got cut off.

"Mark, what is her to you??"Taeyong asked.
"I don't know.... Best friend??"

"We want truth"Jaehyun said.
"Give us the answer that's in your heart, not your mind"
"I.... I do like her..."

"Then, why aren't you confessing??And why do you want to hide it from us??"
"I-I.... I don't know..."

"Are you planning to confess to Koeun??"
"This Sunday"

"There's nothing we can help now..."
"BUT!!!MARK LEE I tell you, no chickening out, got it??!"

"You have to trust yourself, I'm very sure that Koeun do like you too"Johnny hold Mark's shoulder.

He nodded.

"Remember we're always by your side!!!"
"Thank you hyung!!!!"

Actually... Telling them is not a bad choice after all...

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