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Lucas didn't think he was infected.
Bryce had bitten him while he was human and during the full mon that night he didn't change. Luke had calmed everyone after the incident. Using a logical point of view, a werewolf in human form couldn't infect another. Everyone beloved him. They thought Lucas was safe.

Lucas awoke to an empty manor. It consisted of two floors. The first held the living room, dining room and kitchen, all of which were large and customized specifically for a large group of people to stay in.

He rubbed his face, something felt off. When  he pulled his hand back he saw blood sticking to his fingers. He looked around, there was blood on the floor, leading up to where he sat. He pulled his phone out. Two full days had passed. He didn't remember a thing.

Lucas jumped to his feet, stumbling out of the room. He found more blood and soon came across Adams limp body body. He gaged, Adams throat had been ripped out eyes wide with surprise. Lucas continued on, finding even more of his friends dead. The worse one was Brock. Whatever had attacked him took him by surprise as well, although he was armed with a large knife as protection. The attacker had knocked them down at such an angle that the force snapped their neck, a pearly white bone pointing through the skin.

Who could've done this? Why had they spared him? Was it Bryce? It couldn't have, Luke had taken him to a remote location for his shifting. Who would've Don't this?

Bile rose up in Lucas's throat as an image appeared in his mind. It was he, crouched down and growling at his best friend John. His body was in the other room, face down at the bottom step that led to the first floor. His intestines had been spread out all over. Lucas had to step over his mutilated body survey the first floor, attempting to see if anyone had survived.

No one was alive in the house. A total of five strong 20 year old men were all killed. David, Adam, Lui, John And Brock. He mustn't forget johns mother, Audrey, who was leaned against a wall, eyes wide and mouth hanging open as her intestines draped over her legs like a sadistic blanket. The right side of her face was mauled, you could barely make out her eye. She had a knife in her hands, it's tip covered in blood.

Lucas felt his stomach twist  as He closed his eyes, images of his friends screaming, running and attacking me as He lunged at them.

It was he who killed them. The pain in his leg was enough to prove it. Audrey had tried to defend any survivors and stabbed him, but the metal wasn't real silver, it barley did any damage.

He had killed the ones he thought of as family. What was Luke going to say when he found them? His uncle would be disappointed. No Lucas couldn't stand the thought. Ryan would hate him. Why wouldn't he? Lucas killed his brother, Brock and his boyfriend David. What would Johns family do? His older sister and brothers? The man had two of each. They'd hate Lucas now.

And Bryce would blame himself for losing control, but Lucas had provoked him. It was his fault.

The stressed was too much and Lucas emptied his stomach on the floor, bits of hair and chunks of meat staining the hardwood. The smell of copper was mixed in with the smell of vomit.

Tears filled Lucas's eyes and he turned, rushing out of the house and into the woods surrounding the manor. He had to get away, he wouldn't standby and wait knowing it was his fault that all of his friends were dead.

His fault for ever angering Bryce.

If his thoughts were correct he'd change again at night. The day before, during and after the full moon would force his body to shift into that of a beasts. That must've been why he didn't remember the past two days, having shifted two nights ago on the day before the full moon and stayed that way through the next day only to awake the third and find his friends all dead. He would shift again tonight, he could feel it. The primal urge beneath his skin, bubbling and snapping. Wanting to be set loose but unable too until the moon rose.

He didn't want to hurt anyone again.  If he took himself out of the picture, he reasoned, no one would. And so he ran, ran faster than he'd ever done before. He ran away from a house of nightmares.

I did put character deaths in the tags so YEAH no one killed me if I killed there favorite person!

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