☂ Chapter One ☂

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This is FAR from a clichee story, don't judge the story by the title! xx

Saying I hated Noah Parker would be an understatement.

I haul in my oversize suitcases, stacking them in the hallway. Just to be met by the Royal Highness himself.

Our eyes lock, his blue eyes sparkling bright with arrogance. "Keep to your side of the house and I'll keep to mine." I growl. "Is that clear?" I question, crossing my hands over my chest as I await a response.

"I think you're forgetting this is my place." He smirks back. "Oh, and if we're making rules. I get a say." He grins a sickeningly sweet smile that makes my last meal rise up my throat. "Keep your boy toy the fuck away from here."

A smirk twitches as the corner of my lips, "Why?" I ask, my voice a singsong. "Jealous?" I ask, winking at him before chuckling lightly to myself.

His fists clench at his sides until his knuckles turn white, the muscles in his jaw jump making me smile in victory. He grounds his teeth but manages composure and runs his fingers through his dark hair. "Jealous?!" He snorts, clearly amused. "Sweet cheeks, I'm dating the fittest girl at the school."

I clench my teeth back at him. He's crossed the boundary. "Evie's my best friend." I remind him, forcing out each painful word through grounded teeth. "Hurt her ever, and I swear to god you'll never see light again." I threaten, waggling my finger in his face warningly.

He simply pushes my finger down, a smug look smeared across his face. "Ooooh, Meghan's going to hurt me!" He teases. "Someone save me." He replies in a high-pitched voice, rolling his eyes before lightly shaking his head.

"You're a waste of time." I lash back out at him roughly, my eyes full of nothing but fury. This wasn't the boy that had once been my best friend; he'd changed so much he was becoming unrecognisable.  My words were bounced back. Noah didn't care; he didn't give a shit about other's opinions. I shot him one last glare over my shoulder, rubbing my temple as I wondered how I was going to survive living with him.

I'd had enough. There was no point wasting time on somebody who wouldn't change. I spun on my heels attempting to make an exit. One more word out of his god damn cocky mouth and I would've have punched him where the sun didn't shine. His warm fingers were around my wrist and before I knew it in a swift motion he pulled me back roughly and I found myself tumbling forwards, dropping down against something hard. His chest.

"Oof!" I mumble subconsciously, grabbing his arm to stop myself plummeting to the floor. The muscles protruded through the tight black V-neck he was wearing. My eyes trailed up his body as I pushed myself upright, away from him. I could feel him smirking; I could practically imagine the arrogant grin plastered across his face.

"Watch where you're going next time." He winks.

My mouth shoots open, astonished. "You grabbed my wrist, you little-"

He cuts me off smoothly, pressing a long finger firmly against my lips. "That's not very lady like, is it sweet cheeks?"

"Wipe that smile off your face, twat." I hiss.

"Don't tell me what to do." He grunts, his voice slightly hoarse. "Babe." He finishes calmly after exhaling deeply. He rests his crossed hands over his chest and lets his back lean against the doorframe; effectively blocking my exit. I shut my eyes briefly and it takes every inch of me to not punch that damned face of his.

"Do us both a favour, and stay out of my way please." I exhale, my head pounding from the journey here. The last thing I wanted to do was stir up an argument with my housemate.

"When you say it so nicely, of course Meg." He grins a repulsive fake smile.

"My names Meghan." I ground out. "Only my friends call me Meg." I belt back out at him. He was the only person in the whole world who got me so irritated, like tiny bugs crawling over my body. Just his presence alone made me want to leave the room. God, I'd never met anybody I'd loathed with such a passion.

"What?!" he feigns hurt. "We're not friends?!"

Do you get something out of annoying me?!" I scream, thrusting my body forward. "Can't you get through a day without speaking to me Noah?" I scream, incapable of keeping my feelings in anymore.

Something in his body switched, something I hadn't ever seen before in the eighteen years I'd known him. His eyes flashed with something too fast for me to read, his blue eyes filled with nothing but pain. "Sorry." He whispered and before I had the chance to stop him he turned around left.

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