chapter seven

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The north side of school. It was nothing like Newt had seen before. They didn't have guards when they stepped through their entrance of school that searched their jackets and bags for weapons or other illegal things. The floors, the walls, the ceiling, everything was clean. There was some graffiti on some of the lockers, but it was nothing compared to the other part of school.

He did like it, if he was going to be honest, and he felt excited to have some of his classes there because then he could actually learn things and make his mother proud, but the people there, however, they were as bad as Newt had imagined. Ever since he took a step into the north side of the building, the students had glared at him with judging eyes. Even the teachers looked at him with either hate or fear.

Newt wanted to leave the second he arrived, but his two friends kept pushing him. Minho and Brenda had thankfully accepted his offer of being his mental support. Even though he walked with seven other southsiders that Mrs Paige had chosen, he felt much more comfortable if he had his friends with him, so he had begged them yesterday night until they gave in.

"Well, this is refreshing. How do they keep everything so clean?" Minho hummed as they walked through the hallway. Northsiders around them stepped aside at the sight of them and almost none of them dared to make any eye contact. Their parents really must have scared them off from southsiders.

"It looks just like in those stupid teenage movies," Brenda said from behind them and Minho nodded with a small laugh.

"I'm guessing those guys over there are on the football team and will try to threaten you later," he told Newt, nudging him and nodding at a couple of students who were watching them from their lockers. Newt barely listened to his friends, just observed his surroundings.

He tried his best to ignore the people around them, but he had always hated it when people judged him. He didn't understand why they couldn't just let them be. He didn't understand why they couldn't be more like–

"Newt!" His thoughts were interrupted when a familiar girl ran up to him, her wavy hair slightly bouncing in the air. "What a lovely surprise," she said with a laugh, putting her hands on her hips. Newt felt like burying himself at all the attention he was suddenly getting from both northsiders and now his fellow southsiders. He focused on Teresa though, instead of his staring friends and classmates.

"Teresa," he said with a light smile on his lips. He had only met her once but he liked her, she reminded him of his own friends. She surprised him with a hug, confusing Newt because they weren't that close.

"Tom will be so thrilled to see you here," she whispered in his ear and he immediately understood that she had hugged him only to tell him that, which he was thankful for. He didn't need the other southsiders to know that he knew more northsiders. Teresa pulled away with a grin on her face, and Newt was suddenly shoved to the side by his best friend who flashed a bright smile at Teresa.

"Can I get a hug too?" he asked her and Newt rolled his eyes, shaking his head at his friend. "I'm Minho, and you are stunning." Teresa raised both eyebrows at him, scoffing slightly but also smiling.

"Leave the poor girl alone, she clearly isn't interested," Brenda told Minho and tried to shove him away but the boy refused to move. He smiled brightly at Teresa and Brenda rolled her eyes.

"Well, I've got art class now so," Teresa said and turned to Newt. "I'll see you later."

"Bye, gorgeous," Minho said, making the blue-eyed girl laugh. She turned on his heel and started walking away, but then turned her head, winked at Brenda and then walked off. A gasp left Brenda and she started hitting Minho's shoulder.

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