Part 1

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"Finally, I can find that earthling and use her expertise to take over the entire world." The Hacker cackled. He had found a way to get into the real world without turning into a human version of himself.

I was working my shift at the Hotel Dormir (Spanish for Sleep). It was really busy because Selena Gomez was having her birthday party there. I hate her so much. One time, she dated my ex boyfriend right after he broke up with me when she promised she wouldn't. The only thing I like about her now is her music and that's it. I was serving drinks to people at the bar all night long. Around midnight, everyone started either leaving or going to their hotel rooms, which is good because I always close the bar at this time so I have time to clean up. When everyone was gone, I was polishing shot and martini glasses. Then I heard someone walk up and sit down on a stool behind me.

"I'm sorry, but the bar is closed." I said.

"Can't you spare just one drink?" he grinned. I put down the glass I was holding and turned around. I then jumped about 5 feet in the air.

"The H-Hacker?!" I exclaimed in fear.

He chuckled, "well well Ms. De Vil, how lovely to see you again." He started walking behind the bar towards me. I started thinking for a second then remembered how my laptop got hacked with a virus the week before.

"You're the one who made my game crash and tried uploading a virus to my laptop." I said backing up in the other direction.

"That's right kiddy and now I'm here to take you back to the Grim Reaker and make you my cyber hacking slave." The Hacker said then swiped his arms in front of him to try and grab me. I jumped back and ran to the elevator. I pressed the door close button over and over again. The doors closed just before The Hacker could get in. I went up to the 5th floor and ran to Liam Payne's door, he's my boyfriend.

I knocked a lot, "Liam help!" I said loud. The Hacker came out of the elevator and down the hall heading towards me.

"I've got you now kiddy." he said. I banged on Liam's door and he opened it pulling me inside. I shut the door and hung onto him tight.

Liam held me tight, "babygirl, what's the matter?"

"The Hacker, he's here. He's tryna kidnap me." I whispered in fear.

"The one who tried to put that virus on your laptop?" Liam asked.

"No Liam, the hacker who tried to steal my cookies," I said sarcastically, "what other hacker would I be talking about!?" The Hacker then started banging on the door. I shook more and Liam carried me to the bed. I looked at our son Bear and held his tiny hand as he slept.

"I know you're in there Ms. De Vil. I'll stand here all night if I have to." The Hacker said.

Liam walked over to the door, "no one's in here but me, my girlfriend, and my baby son. Can't you respect people's privacy?" he snapped at The Hacker.

"You can't fool me, kid. I know she's in there with you." The Hacker said. Liam looked through the peephole and jumped a bit then looked at me.

"You didn't tell me it's The Hacker from Cyberchase!" Liam whispered loud. I kept shaking.

"I got an idea." Liam said. He ran over and helped me get into my pjs then messed up my hair and put my hood on my head. I picked up Bear wrapped in his blanket and held one hand in front of my face to show I was tired. Liam opened the door and looked at The Hacker furiously. The Hacker looked back then looked around over Liam's shoulder.

"Where is she?" he asked.

"My name is Amber Jackson. I'm the only she in this room. I got no clue who dis Ms. De Vil chick is that you're looking for, but you better buzz off before I delete ya from dis world. My babies and I are tryna sleep." I said in my Jersey accent.

"Oh uh, sorry to bother you then." The Hacker said. Liam shut the door in his face and looked out the peephole to make sure The Hacker walked away. I took my hand off my face and my hood off my head. Liam and I got in bed and I held Bear close to me. He woke up by starting to cry and I breastfed him. I laid my head on Liam's shoulder as both of us looked at Bear as he drank. I looked up at Liam.

"What if he comes back?" I asked.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of Hacker. Just stay here with Bear and keep you two safe." Liam said and kissed my head. I smiled and burped Bear when he was done drinking, fixed myself, then Liam and I sang him to sleep. Bear fell asleep and I also ended up falling asleep. I love hearing Liam's voice. He smiled and put Bear between us then fell asleep himself.

Out in the hallway, The Hacker was pacing and thinking to himself.

"That earthling sure had a way with cyber lingo," he said to himself, then he grinned, "I think I've found Ms. De Vil after all." He cackled low then went to the Grim Reaker.

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