Chapter 12

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"Zack, you have to finish this." I said giving him the glass of milk.
"Ok." He said and took the glass.
The sitting arrangement is the same as yesterday night and Zack seems confused but he is a kid so he won't think much of this.
I have been avoiding looking at Jayden and we haven't talked a single word. Who would want to talk to a devil like him?!!

"Bye, Zack." Jayden said.
"Bye, Daddy!" Zack said waving his little hand.
I usually tell Zack to say bye to his daddy but today I am standing there with Zack in my arms and ignoring Jayden.
"Let's go and play!" I said as soon as the car drove off.
I really wanted to avoid seeing his face or meeting him but I couldn't do that because of Zack. I can't be selfish when it comes to Zack.

"Mommy..." Zack said and looked at me.
"Yes?" I asked him urging him to speak.
He shook his head.
He seems kind of down since yesterday night.
I put him to his feet and he took his car, came towards me and sat down. He is acting strangely. Usually, he would run and take out all his toys then select one to play with.
Is he sick?!
I placed my palm to his forehead to check if he has the fever. His body temperature is normal.
Zack looked at me.
"Zack not sick." He said and smiled and looked back at his car.
His smile doesn't seem genuine. I know how he smiles and this seems forced. I may be overthinking but I just feel that there is something wrong.
"Zack, look at me." I said and he looked at me again. He is a kid so he won't be able to express himself.
"Is it paining anywhere?" I asked him worried.
He shook his head.
"Are you really ok?" I asked him to be sure.
He nodded his head. He says that he is fine but I can't make myself to believe him. If it was his mom, then she would have figured out what is bothering him. Moms always know without us saying anything.
I am his nanny and it's my duty to see that he is happy and doing well.
I got up and walked towards his toys.
Which one will be fun to play with?...
I picked up the make 'N' break game set of blocks and came to sit beside Zack.
"Zack, let's make tower!!" I said excitedly.
He looked at me and smiled.
"Ok." He said and started joining the blocks.
This must lift up his mood.
"Wow!!! You are doing well!!" I said clapping my hands.
He too became excited and started doing his best.

"You did it!!! You made such a big tower!!!" I said clapping. He finally made a tall tower after hours of concentration.
He too clapped his hands.
"Show Daddy!" He said excitedly.
"Yeah." I replied half-heartedly.
I don't want to talk about him and spoil my mood but Zack loves his dad.
"Zack, let me take a picture and send it to Charles!" I said taking a picture.
"Charles?" He said trying to remember.
"My friend you met that day." I said to him.
"Yes!" He said finally remembering.
It's Charles!
I picked up the call.
"Did Zack make this? He is a genius!!" He said as soon as I picked up.
I laughed.
"I know." I said proudly. Even being his nanny makes me feel proud.
"Is he there? I wanted to talk to him." He said.
"Ok. I will put the call on loudspeaker." I said.
"Hello! Zack!" Charles said.
"Hello!" Zack replied.
"Do you remember me? I am Charles, your mommy's friend." He said.
"Yes, Zack remembers." Zack replied.
"You made really tall tower!! It's so amazing!!" Charles said excitedly.
"Thank you." Zack replied shyly. cute Zack!!
"Zack, I will come to meet you soon. Let's make a tall tower together, ok?" Charles said.
"Ok." Zack replied.
"And promise me that you will come to meet me with your mommy sometime." He said.
"Promise." Zack said.
"Julia!" Charles said and I put the call back to normal mode.
"He is really shy when talking to strangers." He said.
"Yeah. I saw that too. Maybe he is not used to meeting strangers." I said looking at Zack who smiling looking at his work.
"Take good care of him. He needs you." He said.
"I know. Go back to your class now." I said.
"Yes, madam!" He said making me giggle.
"Bye!" I said hanging up the call.
I looked at Zack. He seems to be in a good mood.
"Julia!" Sally said entering the room.
"Sally!" I said looking at her.
"I need to talk to you when you are free." She said.
"I am free right now." I told her.
"Let's talk when Zack is asleep." She said looking at Zack.
"Ok." I replied.
She was about to leave the room when I called out to her.
"Sally!!" I said and she looked at me.
"Zack made this tower." I said looking at Zack who turned to look at Sally.
"Wow!! Zack, this is such a tall tower!!" She said walking towards Zack.
"Thank you." Zack said smiling.
"I will make Zack's favorite ice cream today!" She said making Zack's eyes wide.
He jumped with joy.

Zack is finally sleeping. Sally must be in the kitchen. Let's see what she needs to talk about.
Who are they? I didn't see these faces yesterday. Did Sally forget to introduce them to me? I will ask her about them. I saw few new faces today.
"Give my love to Alice. Bye." I heard Sally say as I entered the kitchen.
She said, Alice!
"Oh, you are here! Is Zack sleeping?" She asked seeing me.
I nodded my head.
Should I ask or not? Charles said not to interfere in other's life but I really want to know. It's no harm to just ask, right? It's her wish if she wants to tell me or not. I won't force her.
"You said Alice on the phone." I said carefully not to sound like I am prying.
"She is my granddaughter." She replied smiling.
"Oh." I said feeling like an idiot to think so much of this.
"Alice looks exactly like my younger daughter even though she is my elder daughter's daughter. That's why people gossip about her saying that she is my younger daughter's kid and we are trying to hide this and what not." She said sighing.
"I am sorry, I didn't know about this and yet I tried prying in your personal life. I am really sorry." I said feeling guilty about creating such a scene for this.
"It's ok. It's not your fault. You got curious because they were talking about it." She said with a sad expression on her face.
I don't know what to say. Charles was right! I shouldn't act so reckless and say whatever comes to my mind. That's why Jayden got angry at me. He must know about this and got angry when I said such a thing in front of Sally. I must have hurt Sally a lot.
"I am really sorry. I..." I said. I feel so guilty and don't have words to say how I am feeling right now.
"It's ok. I called you here to tell you something." She said and I nodded my head.
"The staff got changed." She said making my eyes go wide in shock.
"What?? Why so suddenly??" I asked.
"Jayden's decision." She said.
It must be because of what happened yesterday. He did this because they hurt Sally. He is not that bad.
"Come, I will introduce you to everyone." She said walking out of the kitchen and I followed her.

"What is this fruit?" I asked showing him the picture.
"Apple!!" Zack replied.
"Zack!!" Jayden called out as he entered the living room. I looked away. Not want to see his face. He must have done a good thing but he still acted like a devil yesterday night.
"Daddy!!" He said and got down from the couch.
"Mommy." He said and I looked at him.
He was standing between me and Jayden and looking at both of us.
"Zack, come here!" Jayden called him.
He looked at Jayden and then at me. I looked at him confused.
"Mommy daddy fight." He said and my eyes grew wide.
Where did he even get that? How did he know? We didn't fight in front of him and didn't say anything that will make him think like that.
I looked at Jayden who too was shocked and was looking at me.
"No, Zack. We are not fighting." I said to him and smiled.
He shook his head.
"Mommy daddy fighting." He said again.
He came towards me and climbed the couch.
He stood on the couch and looked at me and Jayden.
"Mommy stand." He said to me. I stood up.
"Daddy, come here." He said to Jayden and he came to stand in front of me at some distance.
Zack put his hands on his hips and stood there like an adult.
"Mommy, Daddy, shake hands." He said.
We looked at each other.
Jayden nodded his head and put his hand in front of him.
I took his hand in mine and shook it.
It feels so awkward!!! Touching his hand makes sparks fly into my whole body!! I am shaking hands with him!!!
"Mommy, Daddy, hug." Zack said and I looked at Jayden shocked.
"Zack..." I was trying to say when Jayden said, "Ok."
I looked at him shocked.
He came towards me and hugged me making my heart race madly.
I stood there like a statue. What??!!! We are hugging!!!
He broke the hug and stood at his place again.
I took a deep breath to calm down my heart. It's the first time a simple handshake and hug made me feel like this. I can't calm down.
"Mommy, Daddy, kiss." Zack commanded.
My mouth fell open.!!!!!!
He wants us to kiss!!! Where did he learn these things???!!!!
I bit my lower lip nervously. What should I do?!!! I looked at Jayden who was in shock too.
What should we do??!!!!

Are they really gonna kiss?😉😉 what do you think?😉 Zack sure is cute and has the power to make them do what he wants😂
Let's see what happens in next chapter!!😉😉

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