16- Heated passion

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"Antonio?" Sadie said, trying to get his attention.

Antonio was looking away from them, it was bothering him to see Ethan kiss her, and was holding everything back knowing that he really had no say about what they do.

"Go have fun." He says, as he stepped away from Ethan's vehicle, and walked away. Sadie kept her eyes on Antonio, watching him walk away. She could tell that he didn't want her to go, but wondered why he didn't try stopping her from going out with Ethan.

Ethan walked over to the door, opening it for her, then closed the door for her after she was in. He walked around the car looking all around him, smiling from ear to ear.

At the movies, Sadie was pretty quiet, she couldn't get the kiss that she shared with Antonio out of her mind. Ethan noticed how quiet she had been and wrapped an arm around her, hoping to get a reaction out of her.

After the movie was over he took her out to get something to eat, nothing fancy, just your typical burger joint. He figured that would be more appropriate, just so that they could talk.

"So you and Harlow got pretty close?" Ethan questioned, taking a bite out of his burger.

"Yes, towards the end there she was pretty open with me, when I first started to work for them she was pretty hard on me, it took a few months for her to accept me."

"At least she's now back with my parents."

"When did they pass?"

"Two years ago they were killed on a motorcycle." He says quietly.

"Wow, what happened?"

"They were on their way home from church when a young girl who was on her phone had pulled out in front of them, killing them instantly."

"That's so sad."

"Harlow took it pretty hard, she was really close to them."

"Sorry to hear that, I wondered why when she was sick that they never came to visit her."

"I never did either, which I feel guilty about. She did call me about a week before she died, she had asked me to make sure the girls and Antonio remained happy."

"She wanted the best for everyone. I just hope that Antonio snaps out of the depression that he's in." Sadie says quietly, staring at her food.

Sadie barley ate her meal, she was worried about Antonio and the gun that he had, she did grab the ammo but wondered if he had more hidden.

"I don't mean to cut this short, but I really should get home and check on the girls. Antonio was really out of it earlier." She didn't want to let Ethan know what she had walked in on earlier.

Ethan paid the bill and had brought her home. He put the car in park once he pulled into the driveway, and leaned over to her, trying to kiss her. Ignoring his advance she turned her head quickly and grabbed the door handle, pulling on the handle to open the door.

"I can get that for you." He opened his door and hurried around the vehicle to open the door for her door. Smiling at him as she got out.

"Thanks, it was nice."

He cupped the back of her head, pulling her in to kiss her, only allowing him to peck her on the lips.

"Sorry, I need to brush my teeth. I've got a bad after taste in my mouth after dinner. Thanks again for the dinner and movie, I really appreciated it." She said politely.

"Hope to do this again soon." He smiled.

She nodded her head and walked away. She had no idea that Antonio had been watching them when he heard Ethan pull up. As he watched them his heart sank when he saw Ethan kiss her.

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