Chapter 11

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Connor's POV

I had only closed my eyes for a second, but I was back in the garden. I felt slightly disappointed. I had wanted to open my eyes to the TV, fireplace, couches around me, and sleeping body of (Y/n) next to me. It wouldn't matter though. I would still be there when I went back anyway. 

I walked across the bridge toward Amanda. I stopped a few feet away from her. She was watering her roses.

"Hello Amanda." I greeted. She turned.

"Hello Connor. I would like to have a word with you." She said. I listened. "It seems you have not been making much process in the past few days. You have been preoccupied with other things. Things not important to your mission." She said calmly, clearly unhappy with me.

"I don't understand. I have been going to the reported sighting spots and while I haven't made much progress yet I know I can solve this case." I insisted.

"There is little time Connor. Little time to be doing other unimportant things that have nothing to do with the success of your mission." She said.

"I still don't understand Amanda. I am focused on my mission." I said.

"And yet right now you are resting next to Ms. (L/n) on one of her living room couches. You took care of her for a full day instead of trying to find deviants." Amanda said. I forced myself not to flinch.

"I was only ensuring her health because she is important to the mission. She is very smart and she knows what she is doing. If not for her and her pet, Nova, we would've never gotten so close to catching one of the deviants." I explained.

"She hesitated." Amanda said.

"What?" I asked.

"Ms. (L/n). She hesitated to catch that deviant. I would hope that you would not have had a second thought about it. She let it escape." Amanda said.

"Humans cannot be perfect at everything, this is true. She said it caught her off guard. I believe she would've caught it otherwise." I said, trying not to snap at Amanda. Why did I want to yell at her? Why was I upset? Was it because she was talking about (Y/n) in such a rude way?

"You need to make more progress with your mission Connor. No matter what the cost may be, you must succeed. Do you understand?" Amanda said.

"Yes Amanda." I replied.

"Then hurry Connor." She said.

"I won't let you down Amanda." I said. She nodded. 

I opened my eyes and I was next to (Y/n) again. I picked her up carefully and carried her to her room. I placed her on her bed and then I left. I walked out of her house, but I had a nagging feeling inside of me. I didn't like the feeling. It made me want to run back to her. I forced myself to keep going. Amanda was right. I had to focus.

Your POV

*The next day*

You woke up on your bed. You were confused. You sat up and looked around.

"Connor?" You called gently. He was gone. You felt sad. Why had he left? You sighed. It doesn't matter. You got up and got dressed. You had breakfast, brushed your teeth, and then drove off to work. Hank wasn't there and neither was Connor. You sighed. You worked on your computer for most of the day until you got a call from Hank.

"Hey Hank." You greeted.

"Hey. We got another place to check out over here. You comin'?" He asked. You smiled.

"On my way." You said and hung up. He texted you the address and you were off. You met up with Hank and Connor outside the building. Connor refused to meet your gaze. You frowned. You all walked in and you stood next to Hank in the elevator. You didn't understand. Why was he avoiding you? The doors opened and you followed Hank out. Connor didn't follow.

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