Chapter 2|My birthday party

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But today is a special day...
Because today is my birthday. But this isn't the only reason why it's a special day, it's because my parents decided to have a party on my six birthday. To tell you I wasn't shocked is to tell you nothing. I thought that they already forgot me and didn't know that I'm exist in this world, because in this years they didn't come to even ones. I still don't understand why and somewhat this doesn't matter to me. But this really really surprised me, and I don't know to be happy or sad. As I understood from my nurse maid Lisanna that this party is important to me because all the nobles will be there and my parents will introduce me to them and that I will be a part from the nobles. Wow... Really?  That's not even a birthday party isn't it? It's just like "opening" party or in like in school the opening ceremony. Now I understand my parents, even if they hate me they have to do so...
"Young miss are you alright?  You seem to be sad at your birthday party! Something happened??? "
Lisanna asked me.
"No no...  It's alright. I think I'm just nervous. Sorry, don't worry Lisanna. "
"Oh miss it will be alright don't worry or be nervous. "
I think I was just hoping that there was another reason that they did it. I don't need to have this idiotic thoughts.
"Lisanna do you prepare what I asked you earlier?  I will wear it on the party. "
"Of course miss! I was ready from yesterday! "
"Oh that's good!  Give it to me, I think that the party will soon begin. "
"I will prepare everything miss please don't worry. "
Then she left. Lisanna was with me since my birth so she is like a mother to me right now because I dont consider my parents as my parents. I think that only Lisanna is worth to be my mother.
"Miss everything is prepared. After you dress up I will help you with your hair. "
"Thank you Lisanna, you may go I will dress up. "
When she left I looked at the dress. When I saw the dresses in this world I wanted to die. How they walk with them all day?! It's impossible for me, they are so uncomfortable that I just asked to make me special, comfortable and beautiful dresses that I wear everyday.
But today it's a special day so I asked to make a special one. Don't think that the other dresses aren't good but I'm going to see nobles so I asked another one. This is the dress:

And I think you are wondering about my appearance

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And I think you are wondering about my appearance. I will tell you that in the game for me Violet Fleming was the most beautiful girl. I have long pink with purple hair from my mother(the pink)  and father(the purple), and a beautiful blue and green eyes, again from my father(blue) and my mother(green).
To be honest?  I hate that there is something from them in my appearance. But no matter how painful it is I have to admit that my parents have a beautiful appearance.
"Miss it's time to g... "
"Via!  Via!  Let's go!!!  I will go with you! "
she didn't even have time to finish as Christian rushed in, screamed and pulled me behind him to the entrance.
"Christian! How rude! What did I say to you?? You need to be like a noble! "
"I am sorry.. Uncle... I was just excited and didn't think about it. "
"Hmph. "
When I looked up I saw a beautiful man standing with a noble aura around him. He has a purple hair and blue eyes. He stand with my mother and I realized that he must be my father. They looked like they were above everything and everyone, but when they looked at me their false smile froze for a second and their gaze was filled with hate and discuss. As I was supposed to be a noble I practiced to hide my feelings and looked at them with empty eyes.
Ha! Look at them! I want to laugh, it's so funny! They tried to scare me but were surprised from me. Ha ha ha ha just look at their face!
"Hmm... Let's go in the party is about to start. " my father said.
Eww... It's discussing even to call him like that! But we need to... *sigh*
"The Duke Eric Fleming! The Duchess Emilia Fleming! The nephew of the Duke Christian Fleming! And the daugher of the Duke Violet Fleming! "
Everyone looked at me, but don't think that I'm scared, no because I trained myself everyday I wasn't scared I was just bored. Everyone asking the same questions and this feels like it will never end.
Then to pass the time I looked at my cousin. He has black hair and beautiful blue eyes. He was so different from what I got used to. All the ladies looked at him as he looked so beautiful and charming like he was a different person. Then I looked at my parents, they were clam and gave false smiles to everyone. I just can feel when someone false a smile or his behavior so you can't fool me.
But then my father looked at me said something to the person who was beside him and walked to me.
"Violet, come with me I will introduce someone important to you. Be good and don't make a fool from me. "
Wow, I didn't know that you even know my name that's something new! Oh.. I don't need to make a fool of you? You don't need to make a fool of me!
We walked and I saw.....

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