Reve awoke disorientated. A flash of memory caught her by surprise. A man in dressed as a soldier, his body hanging limp and lifeless in her claws as she ripped pieces of flesh from him. Her stomach contracted and she vomited.

She wiped her mouth on the back of her hand as she began to stand shakily on her feet. She knew what happened, what she’d done but she was so frightened of herself that at first she daren’t look at herself.

Taking in deep breaths, she took in her surroundings. She was in a huge abandoned warehouse; empty gas canisters littered the ground. The smell of rotting was ripe, added to that was her stomach contents. Her stomach heaved again, but there was nothing left to empty.

She used a wall for support, as she worked up the courage to take stock of herself. Her legs, looked far more muscular and longer than before, and she noticed a dark green line, as if someone had taken a green pen to the backs of her legs and drawn an outline of scales. This outline covered the back, yet the front of her legs looked normal. Human normal.

She lifted up her top and saw that the green pen like outline covered her stomach, up to her breasts and carried on up to her neck, she presumed. Seeing as she had no mirror. She used her fingers to trace the outline of the pronounced scales along her forehead, they were still there. She felt along her nose and jaw line. It was all smooth skin. She then took in her arms and hands; her arms had more muscle definition and her fingers had become slightly more elongated as well as her nails having grown they had changed to a sea green colour.

She began to weep. Flashes of what she had turned into and what she had done, hit her like a train. Visions of blood and the men whose neck she tore up repeated over and over again in her mind’s eye. At that moment she would have gladly killed herself to be free of the monster she had allowed herself to become. Reve was crying so hard, she was so full of guilt and self-loathing that she never heard the footsteps approach. An arm encircled her back and drew Reve into a hug. It was Collins. She was so relieved that she hadn't hurt him that she cried that much harder, gripping him to her as if her very breath depended on him.

She felt a gentle kiss on her forehead where the scales started. Collins began to kiss her face ever so gently. His arms snaked around her neck and he placed his hand upon her cheek looking deep into her eyes. In that moment Reve knew his love for her far surpassed that of a brother sisterly love as she realised that she felt the same way.

Reve, without thinking kissed Collins. He was startled but as she attempted to draw back he crushed his lips against hers, forcing her mouth open as he used his tongue to stroke hers. She felt a heat burn within her, as his hands kneaded her shoulders then drifted lower. The sensations he was creating in her were new, but all the more wonderful because it was Collins.

She wanted more; she craved to feel his skin against hers. Reve began to pull at Collins clothing, they helped each other undress. It was slow, both shy but wanting to feel the other’s body against their own. They took their time as they drank each other in.

All thoughts of anything else disappeared as Collins stood back holding Reve’s hands, the look in his eyes would warm Reve for the rest of her life. He drank in the sight of her and knew she would always be his. Not once did she shy from him, instead she revelled in the desire that was plainly written over his features. The need in her was fierce, as she forced him closer all gentleness forgotten. She enveloped him in her warmth, as he gripped her like a drowning sailor would a lifeboat. Lost in each other.

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