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So, El, how should we pick up from the last time that I had written to you? Oh, I know. Atikin is a real fucking dick. Yesterday, he had brought me to this nice little room, right? I thought it was gonna have something to help me, but nope times ten thousand, it only screwed me over even more. This asshole (believe me, I want to punch him so hard in the face, but even I have to admit that he has a pretty face so I might not) BROUGHT ME TO A TORTURE CHAMBER. Like, shit. I thought he was actually starting to be a decent human being and being nice to me, but then he pulled that shit on me.

But that isn't the only thing that happened to me yesterday... In the torture chamber... something happened. You know how they're torturing and experimenting on me in order to turn me into some flame controlling badass queen? Yeah, well, it turns out that I'm getting closer to becoming that person. Yesterday, something snapped when I was being deprived of oxygen.

I could feel a spark rage through my entire body, and, for a brief moment, I was able to create an actual spark. A small flame emitted from the palm of my hand, and, honestly, now I'm terrified.

What am I going to do, El? What if these freaks find out that I have these powers now? What are they going to do to me? They're going to put me through so many more tests and it's only going to get so much worse for me. And I"m scared. Hell, I"m petrified. I don't want them to torture me and force me to do things that I'm not ready for.

I just need someone to come save me. I feel... weak. I feel frail and alone and all I want is for there to be someone there for me to make me feel as if I am worth more than these jackasses make me off to be. I wish you were a real person... then maybe you could come to sweep me off my feet and take me far away from this place.

Well, until next time, El. Thanks for listening.

Like you had a choice.

Lifting her head, Hestia breathed in sharply as she carefully slid the notebook and assortment of pens beneath her mattress. The girl brought her feet onto her bed and pulled them into her chest. Her eyes stared vacantly at the wall in front of her, beginning to count all of the little intersections between tiles, counting all of them as quickly as she could. She knew that, sooner or later, Atkin would make a reappearance at her door. She didn't know what she was going to do to him, but it wasn't going to be pretty in the slightest.

Her cell door began to creak as she jumped off of her bed, which she regretted immediately. She was still wonky from the day before, her body not completely caught up to what they had done to her twenty-four hours prior. Her body began to boil, and that was what she was afraid of. She was quick to throw her hands behind her back, clutching them so tightly that she dug her fingernails into the palm of her hands. A small gasp left her lips as she felt a sharp pain in the palm of her hand, and she assumed that she had cut her hand.

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