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Jaxon threw the blanket from on his couch on top of me. He swiped the bunny ears off my head. I could only stare at him in confusion. "Pretend your sleep." He whispered before walking away. He seemed like he was protecting me.

"Heyyy Mom. What are you doing here?" Jaxon said nervously.

His Mom?!

"I wanted to check in on you." She chirped. She sounded really nice. I wonder what she looked like. "I haven't heard from you in two days and you haven't been coming back home a lot."

"You're helicopter parenting again." Jaxon sighed. I heard the sounds of footsteps came closer and she gasped. "This is the girl that you've been talking about?!" She sounded like a high school girl. I was surprised to hear that Jaxon actually talked about me to his Mom. "I'm going to wake her up!"

"N-No!" Jaxon quickly protested. "I mean, no. She's tired so I just let her sleep in."

"The day just started. Speaking of which, why aren't the both of you getting ready for school?" She asked. The room got quiet for a second. I wanted to pretend I was just waking up but, then again, I was wearing the ridiculous costume. I wasn't going to put myself in an awkward situation.

"We went on a date last night and she spent the night." Jaxon half-truthed.

"Aww... you went on your first date!" She cooed and I held back my laughter. Jaxon went on his first date with me. It's surprising. With Jaxon's record of sleeping with women, you'd think he'd at least take them on a date.

"Why is she on the couch?" His Mom asked. "That's rude of you to let a girl sleep on the couch, Jaxon."

"She was up earlier and came out here to watch TV and I guess, she fell asleep." He lies so well. It's like he was used to lying to his own mom. I felt Jaxon pick me up and I peeked an eye open at him and he glared at me to shut them. "I'm going to go take her to my room. I'll be right back."

He carried me to his room and I finally opened my eyes. "Change into something else. I'll try to get her to leave." He told me, settling me down on the floor.

"This is what you get for making me wear this," I whisper-shouted at him. He smirked. "You're so cute." He poked my nose before leaving. I rubbed my nose, turning to his closet. I wanted to meet his Mom. I guess, not today. There was always tomorrow at the dinner get together Jaxon and I planned. I still needed to tell him that my parents agreed to go.

I changed back into my uniform. The black bag that Jaxon had earlier came to mind. Wonder what was in it. I should go take a peek... maybe I shouldn't. I walked over to the closet, picking up the bag. I'll just take a quick look and put it back.

I pulled out the contents inside and surprised to see it was a collection of pictures. I guess this is where all of the pictures were the whole time.

The first one was of him as a teen playing football in a nice backyard with Tyler and another guy which I'm assuming is that mystery guy. He looked so energetic and happy. I moved it to the back, staring at the next one. He was a teenager still but, it was a picture of a class. I didn't see anyone I recognized except for the mystery guy and Tyler.

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