(Fairy Tail) Female! Natsu x Reader

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This was requested by -Gina-Dragneel-. Also, Natsu will be the only one to change genders, but she is still the same. Hope you enjoy! ⚠️ One more thing, this is important! I'm going to say (element) dragon slayer. You can put fire, water, or whatever you want, but also feel free to change it to ice make or requip or whatever. Thanks.

*Natsu's P.O.V* (1 year after Mira joined)

          "You want yo fight, Ice Princess!?!,"i yelled at the stripping ice wizard. 

          "Why do you always want to start a fight with me, flame brain!?!," he retaliated.

          "Maybe if you could learn too keep your clothes on, i wouldn't fight you as much, stripper!," I head butted him, which only started a, full out, fight. 

          "Ugh! Would you two idiots knock it off?! You're really starting to annoy me," Mira grunted from a table, just several feet away from the brawling fire and ice wizards. 

          "Stay out of this, Mira!!!," Gray and I yelled simultaneously. All she did was smirk and laugh. 

          "You two need to stop," our heads were, then smack together. Erza stood above us,"Gray, you've been here long enough that you should know not to start fights in the guild," then she turned to me,"and you need to learn that fast. If you want to fight, take it outside". 

          "But she started it!," Gray tried to defend himself. However, Erza quickly shut us both up with her signature glare. Man, she was scary. 

          Just then, the door opened and a girl, just a little shorter than me, walked in. She had on normal, every day clothing. Her (h/c) hair was falling loosely and her (e/c) eyes almost seemed.. dull. Everyone in the guild fell silent and just starred at this new girl.

          Master was the only one who was acting normal,"Well, hello, dear. How can. I help you?"

          She began talking, but it was so quiet and i was so far away that i couldnt hear her, so i got closer,"My father told me about this place. He said he used to go here. And he asked me to come here, to learn how to properly use my magic".

          "Oh? What magic do you have?," gramps asked.

          "(Element) dragon slayer," she replied simply. AWESOME!! She's a dragon slayer just like me!!

          Gramps made a questioning sound,"And who is your father?"

          She looked down,"His name was (dragon's name)". The way she said this made me wonder if she had lost her dad just like i had lost Igneel. 

          "Very well," gramps gave her a smile,"Welcome to the Fairy Tail guild! What is your name young one?" 

          She looked back up at him,"My name is (Y/n)". He gave her a welcoming nod before placing the guild mark on her (place you want the mark). By now, everyone was back to talking and was acting as if she had been here for several weeks, but I was still intrigued by her. I wonder how strong she is? Plus, she's really cute.

          ...Wait, did I really just say that? Well, i couldn't have meant it.. right? I looked at the new girl, (Y/n). She's only been here five minutes and she already has me completely confused with everything surrounding her. What's happening?

*Time Skip to Phatom Lord Attack*

          My teeth gritted together in pure anger. I could feel my body becoming numb, due to the pure rage i was feeling. How dare they attack MY home?! They WILL pay for hurting gramps, Lucy, Erza, Levy, Jet, Droy, and all my friend! My body enveloped in a burning flame, that would never be put out.

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