Chapter 2 - The mysterious man.

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Chapter 2

There he stood.

He wore a silver pin striped suit with a black shirt, unbuttoned showing some of his auburn chest hair.Hands in his pockets, his figure lean, his shoulders strong and broad and his head held high .

He wasn't what I had expected. In my mind I had pictured him to be a sleazy old man with a pot belly and a receding hairline.

He was the exact opposite.

He was tall around 6ft 5; his hair was crazy, sticking up in numerous directions,untamed.

His nose was thin and slightly crooked as if it had been broken then straightened.

His jaw was sharp and strong, his cheekbones were high and defined. But the thing that stuck out the most was his piercing emerald eyes.

He couldn't be any older than 25 maybe 28, yet there was something about him that seemed familiar but I couldn't just put my finger on it.

He was like no one I had ever laid my eyes upon.

He made no movement towards me he just stood in the centre of the room.

His body language full of confidence and sex appeal. Trust the inhumanly beautiful man to be buying a women on the sex trade.

The room was simple and plain.

The walls were painted magnolia, there was no windows or lavish furniture.

Behind the man there was a white couch with a small black coffee table neighbouring, a cream rug that was Central too the room, the floor was oak varnished wood.

The room was small no bigger than an average garage. It resembled a small prison with added luxuries.

On the other wall there was two metal hooks which had hand cuffs attached .

I dreaded to know what they were for.

Minutes passed and he made no movement or a sound.My eyes returned to the floor where I was knelt. The floor was cold against my overheated skin.

I felt the sweast beaded upon my forehead , dripping down from my hairline towards my spine.

My emotions were running wild and causing my heart to thunder.

Then his black loafers slowly, cautiously moved across the floor to where I knelt.

I held my breath as hundreds of scenarios ran through my brain.

Not one of them ended good.

My heart thundered in my chest, it was so loud it wouldn't surprise me if he could hear it.

My body was shaking uncontrollably and tears gathered in my eyes.Soon I saw his feet not half a metre away from me.

Shifting his weight from leg  to leg he brought one of his rough hands to clasp the side of my face.

Tilting my gaze to meet his face I saw the surprised expression he wore.

Gasping he knelt before me until my face was level with his broad muscular shoulders.

The word he next muttered shocked me even more.


He knew my name?

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