(Attack On Titan) Annie Leonhart x Bullied Reader

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This was requested by A_Homosexual._.. Hope you enjoy. Please don't read this if you have a rough time with bullying.

*Your P.O.V.*

*Age 12*

          A throbbing pain erupted all throughout my body, as obnoxious laughter hit my ears,"Come on, (insulting nickname)! Are you really THIS pathetic!?" Warm tears streamed down my face as I desperately tried to drown out their mocks. 

          "Leave her alone!," a feminine voice shouted. I didn't know who it was or why they were there, but I was thankful. The kids let out a terrified scream, trying to runaway. I guess they've dealt with this person before. I looked up, tears still falling down my face, and was met by a pair of blue eyes. My eyes widened in fright as I defensively cover my head again. The girl's voice came out much softer than before,"I'm not going to hurt you. Those jerks are gone. You're safe now".

          I looked up at her, still shaking,"Wh-who are you..?" She held out her hand to me. She didn't seem to be willing to answer me until I showed her some kind of trust. So, reluctantly, I took her hand and she gently pulled me up.

          She examined the cuts and bruise that I had covering my face and arms,"Did they hurt you anywhere else?"

          I shook my head,"Who are you?," I questioned again.

          Thankfully, this time she answered, My name is Annie. Annie Leonhart. What's your name?"

          "(Y/n).  (Y/n) (l/n)," I stated shyly. She gave me a small smile as she continued to check for any other injueies. ..No one has, really, ever cared for me like this and she's someone I've never even met before. I had to question it,"Why did you help me?"

          "Well, I wasn't going to just sit there and watch. I'm not a monster," she stated simply. As I was about to thank her a bright flash came from the sky. At first, I couldn't see anything, but I heard several people gasp. When my vision, finally, came back there was a titan's head could be seen above the wall.

          "Th-that's impossible. That wall is.. 50 meters tall..," my voice shook in pure fear. When I looked at Annie, she almost seemed.. calm. The next thing we knew, there was a massive hole in the wall, a large gust of wind came sweeping up several citizens, and rocks from the wall where falling on people. It was the bloodiest scene I have ever seen.

          "Come on," Annie's voice broke through my thoughts. She grabbed my hand and took off towards the next wall. Hundreds of others had the same idea, though and Annie and I were soon trampled by the fearful adults and children. Worst of all, my hand began to slip away from her grasp. This may be my end..,"Don't give up! We're almost there". Annie's hand let go only to grab mine again, but tighter. 

          We kept on pushing through until we arrived inside the next wall. There were boats that were heading away from the Titan infested city. Annie let me to the first boat and we were seated close together in order to make more room for more to escape. However, just as the boat was about to take off another, smaller Titan, which seemed to be in some sort of armor, broke through the second wall. 

          Everyone screamed and watched in horror as the Titans grew closer. Some even resorted to jumping onto the boat, but some didn't make it and fell into the water. I burried my head in my knees as the boat moved away from the area. I felt a light pressure enveloping my body. I had a feeling it was Annie, but I was too scared to look up and just fell asleep in the mysterious girl's arms.

*Time Skip*

*Annie's P.O.V.*

          "GET INTO PARTNERS AND START YOU COMBAT TRAINING!," Commander Keith instructed. I hate hand-to-hand combat, but regardless, I still had to do it. So, I searched the surround area for my (h/c) haired and (e/c) eyed friend, (Y/n). It was quite easy for me to spot her because she was the only other one was wasn't looking for a partner.

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