Ch. 24 Would you like to be my apprentice?

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Azalea walks back to the Slytherin table and sits down between Draco and Theo. She tells her friends that they are welcome to eat the cookies that Molly made for her. She smiles when she sees Draco, Theo, Blaise, Hermione, and Daphne each grabbed a cookie. She giggles when she sees them eat the cookie. She raised an eyebrow when she sees Draco, Theo, Blaise, and Daphne wearing an awed expression while Hermione smiles.

" By looking at your expression. I could tell that this is your first time eating a cookie?" Azalea asked Draco, Theo, Blaise, and Daphne. 

The four children blush.

Azalea and Hermione smiled at their friends.

" What do you guys think of the cookie?" Hermione asked them.

" It's delicious!" Blaise smile.

Draco and Theo nod their heads agreeing with Blaise.

" They are very sweet!" Daphne giggles.

Azalea looks at her friends with a smile when suddenly an envelope appear in front of her. She blinks feeling curious about the envelope. She picks the envelope up and looks at her surroundings which Draco noticed.

" What is it?" Draco asked her.

The others looked at Azalea. 

" This envelope suddenly appears in front of me, but it doesn't say a name" Azalea tells her friends.

" Open it!" Blaise excitedly tells Azalea.

" Blaise!" Hermione glares at him. 

" What? I am curious. That's all" Blaise tells Hermione. 

" You should open it. Maybe it is charmed so that only you can open it" Theo tells Azalea.

" I agree with Theo" Daphne nods her head. 

" Okay" Azalea opens the envelope. " I wonder what it says" She whispers as she pulls out a letter and silently reads it. 

Dear Azalea,

This is Professor McGonagall.
I wanted to inform you that I wish to speak to you after your Magical Theory class.
That is all. 
Do not tell anyone about this letter.
I will be in my Transfiguration classroom.

Professor McGonagall. 

Azalea puts the letter back into the envelope.

Her friends look at Azalea. 

" What did it say?" Blaise asked Azalea.

" It was blank. Must have been a prank" Azalea tells Blaise. 

Blaise wears a pouting expression.

Hermione lightly slaps Blaise's chest as she looks at Azalea.

" That is good. Lets me know that nothing bad happened to you" She smiles. 

Azalea nods her head. 

Draco looks at Azalea with a worried expression.

Theo noticed a lot of students leaving the Great Hall which let him know that their first period will start soon.

" We should get going" He stands up.

" What classes do we have today?" Azalea curiously asked. 

" We have Herbology for the First period. History of Magic for the Second period. Lunchtime. Charms for the Third period and Magical Theory for the Fourth period" Hermione tells Azalea.

Azalea nods her head.

She stood up and was about to leave, but Daphne called out to her. She turns around seeing Daphne holding a brown book bag.

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