[8] Confrontation

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A/N I finally chose a faceclaim! I was reading a Miss Peregrine's fanfic and I realized Emma in the movie would be a perfect fit to be Amelia.

A/N I finally chose a faceclaim! I was reading a Miss Peregrine's fanfic and I realized Emma in the movie would be a perfect fit to be Amelia

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"Hey, Hun. Feelin' any better?" Charlie sat at the end of his daughters hospital bed. When he arrived she had been staring at the ceiling blankly. Usually when she stared she was off in her own world, but now she seemed to not be thinking of anything at all.

Amelia cast her eyes downward to her hands, before meeting Charlie's worried gaze.

"I feel better than last night, yet worse than the night before that." Charlie huffed at her response.

"What's with you and speaking in cryptic language?" Though Charlie clearly wanted to push the matter forward, he didn't bring it up again. "Dr. Cullen should be in soon, said he had to make a call to his son, I believe."

Amelia nodded, laying back on the bed and searching with her eyes for a remote. "I can only imagine the rumors going around about me," she said to her father as her eyes finally landed on the remote. She picked it up and began flipping through channels as she spoke.

"Anyone else they'd say something along the lines of being knocked up. With me, they are probably saying gone insane."

Charlie opened his mouth to speak, however he was cut off by the door to the room being opened, the eldest member of the Cullen family walking in, clipboard in hand.

"Amelia Swan, we meet at last." The doctor smiled and Amelia felt blinded by his pearly lights. "Jasper has told me much about you." There was a twinkle in the doctor's eye, as if he told an inside joke that only he understood.

"Jasper's cool," came Amelia's simple reply, the blonde not even bothering to look away from the tv.

Charlie's grown got even deeper, "Somethings wrong, Doc. She's acting like a normal teenager, ignoring adults, staring at the tv."

Carlisle smiled at Charlie, "She's in a bit of shock right now, she'll come around, chances are she's just trying to distract herself." Carlisle was well aware that Amelia couldn't hear him, she was oblivious to the world around her. "If you dont mind, Mr. Swan, I would like some time alone with Amelia."

Charlie nodded, patting Amelia's leg I'm reassurance, though the girl took no notice, and stood up with a huff.

Once Charlie was out the door, Carlisle turned to the girl and opened his mouth to speak.

"Can you please tell Edward that if he wants to look into my mind, he can ask?" Carlisle's eyes widened as he stared at the girl in front of him. The TV was now muted and she stared intently at him.

Carlisle composed himself and chuckled, "Jasper said you were different, though I wasn't told how perceptive you were."

Amelia tilted her head with a frown, "So...I was right? Edward can read minds? Usually when I come up with a theory like that I get called crazy."

"You aren't crazy, Amelia. May I asked how you figured it out?"

Amelia blushed. She didn't want to tell him she realized after the first day when she thought Edward looked like Cedric Diggory, and it sent her into a downward spiral.

So she shrugged. "What's your diagnosis, Doc. I know you don't just think I have an over-active imagination."

Carlisle lips settled to a thin line. "That's a discussion for another time. My kids will speak to you about it. Right now, we'll work on getting you out of here."

"Roger that."

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