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(Wylin' - by always never)
On repeat

Ethan's POV

"Today I've learned one good girl is worth a thousand bitches ." I said

"Why am I so weird ? I always seem to do the weirdest things ." I scratched my head .

"Because your a Dolan twin. You and Grayson randomly do things and I just question y'all with out speaking ."She said and bit her lip

A long silence filled the room .

"So.... what are we ?" I said randomly.

"We are......friends ." She said .

"Cool." I said .

"Great." She added .

"Awesome." I added .

"It's so dope ." She added .

Then we randomly ran towards each other and  hugged .

"You're literally the best person I've ever met honestly."I told her .

"That's a lie your mom , dad  ,Grayson, Cameron and your whole family are the best people you've ever met ."

"I'm saying as a non related type of way . You're literally the best person I've met in my 18 years of life . You're the realest." I hugged her tighter.

" I just don't see the point of lying and being someone who I'm not with other people." She said .

"And I like that ." I said

"This person in front of you is all 100 me nothing has been faked except feelings. People sometimes just have to fake a few emotions."She said  backing away .

"I want the real you , I want all of you . Let every emotion pour out . I want the realest version of you ." I pulled her  to me .

I held her hands and looked into her eyes.

"Give me all of you ." I said.

She smiled and nodded.

"Now you talk to me. Why do you always switch up on me? Why do you always go with the fake and turn fake randomly?"she looked deep into my eyes . 

"I don't know my brain sometimes takes over as if another person is inside of me , but there isn't . I just make some horrible decisions." I tell her truthfully.

"A part of me wants to be the sweetest guy to you ever . The other part wants me to make you feel miserable and go out and enjoy a bad lifestyle." I sighed.

"You've been really confused lately and I get it ." She comforted me .

"Life's just been a crazy ride at the moment . I just hope tomorrow and the day after that we'll still be good friends."

"Yeah , I'm getting tired of you leaving after we make up ." She said holding my hand .

"I just hope tomorrow you don't switch up and leave me again." She sighed .

"I promise you I'm here to stay . We might have our bad moments ,but I'm here to stay ." I assured her .

"Ethan ."

"Yes babygirl."

Next thing you know I felt her lips moving on mine . I missed her lips so much that the kiss was full of love . Not a hint of lust .

I pulled away to catch my breath .

"I fucking love you Mary." I said before I began kissing her again.

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