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Third Person POV
Dressed in a standard white android uniform, A1098 looks out the store window across from them with cold E/C eyes. The glass in front of them says to 'Buy Now, Limited Edition' in large grey letters. Limited was an understatement, A1098 is the first and final of their model; Cyberlife considered them to be 'too perfect to copy'. So here they were, standing in a display case to be sold off like an object.

Time Skip~

The next day was the same as usual-much to the surprise of people working at the store-. People came by to look at androids, some stopped by A1098s display case, seemingly taking interest.

"What model is this?"

One of the stores androids or human employees would always reply, "Ah, the good ol' A1098! The very first of its kind! And the last!"

The customers, assuming they were human, usually showed a mixed look of displeasure and disgust. "So its a defective model? I thought this was a good store."

The workers always tried to persuade them to reconsider, but they were always shut down, harshly if they were androids, "Filthy machine!" The more indecent humans would spit the phrase in their face, then shove past them.

Until one day, you got some buyers who looked genuinely interested. A human that looked like a he had just gotten off of Red Ice and an Android who looked like he was going to an important business meeting, the LED light on the side of the androids forehead lit up yellow, to show he was processing something.

A1098 smiles warmly (for once it was genuine), and calmly greets, "Greetings, I hope that you will consider buying me sir."

The human nudged his elbow into the Androids side to get his attention. The android stirs from whatever he was doing and proceeds to stare at A1098s E/C eyes.

"I am Conner, the android sent by Cyberlife. I am here to retrieve you on the orders of Lieutenant Anderson." Conner adjusted his tie, even though it was already perfect.

"Greetings Conner," A1098 turns their attention to Lieutenant Anderson, "Lieutenant, if you are going to buy me, might I have a name?"

Anderson seemed hesitant to reply. "Uhh, yeah. How about.. Y/N?"

"Y/N then."

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