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"What are you doing here? Come to yell at me about marrying Lucrezia? Come to tell me I don't deserve her?"

"I... I came to apologize. I'm sorry."

"I don't accept it."

"Then why ask me to be a groomsman in the wedding?"

Alex cursed under his breath, "I didn't pick. My father did. I've told him about you. I didn't tell him you hate me."

"I don't hate you."

"You don't like me."

"Yes I do. I... Lorenzo told me that I had to cut you off or he would make sure the trial failed. If I did, he would make sure I got my brother. I wanted to tell you, but I couldn't risk it. He said your dad doesn't want me near you because I'm a bad influence. "

"Pezzo di catzo!" Alex hissed before saying calmly, "No, my father loves you. He wouldn't have put you in the wedding if not."

"What did you say? The first part?"

Alex turned red, "Nothing, I was angry is all. You should've told me. Lorenzo does stupid things sometimes. I could've helped. My dad could have helped as much as I hate him."

"It's over now. I'm really sorry. I mean it."

Alex sighed nodding, "I know. It's... It's okay."

"Speaking of your dad, did he give you your medicine?"

"No. I have one pill that he gave me, but I'm saving it for the day of the wedding."

"And Lucrezia is okay with not touching?"

Alex bit his lip, "Not exactly. She's rather furious actually. She let's me leave the gloves on now though because I'll let her hold my hand that way."

"Have you two kissed?"

Alex grimaced running a hand through his hair, "Yeah... That um... That didn't go well. It was going well as first, but then I panicked and she thought I was upset and then I kinda didn't fix that opinion because I was trying not to lose it and I just stood and left."

"Why don't you just tell her that you have the disorder?"

"My father would kill me. The arranged marriage didn't include 'damaged goods'."

"You aren't damaged."

"That's not how he sees it. It's a disorder. He didn't tell her dad so it could cause them both to be upset and back out the marriage as well as the deal."

"She likes you though, right?"

"Yeah... Sq wew dw dc it's not completely her choice. The point isn't that we don't want to marry each other. The point is my dad hid something."

"You can't keep hiding it from her. Is your dad even going to give you the medicine back?"

"I... I'm not sure. He hasn't been happy with me for a while, but the heroin was the last straw. He wants to show me that he has power over me. This is him doing that and he's going to drag it out for a while because so far I've refused to go begging to him for it. "

"He gave you one pill though?"

"So I, 'don't ruin a perfectly good wedding like I tend to ruin everything else.' He wants it to go perfectly."

"I still think you should tell Lucrezia."

"Tell me what?"

"Niente. Non è importante," Alex said quickly turning to face his fiancé.

"Esso sembra importante," Lucrezia grabbed Alex's hand pleading.

Alex pulled his hand away quickly, "No, non è importante per oggi e domani."

"Perché tu non tocchi me? Ti odiarmi me?"

"No! Non odiare tu. Ti voglio bene, Lucrezia. Io... Non so cosa avrei fatto se tu non fossi. Per favore, Lucrezia. Ti voglio bene."

Lucrezia sighed realizing Yuri was there and it wasn't polite to a language he didn't understand, "The wedding is tomorrow. You will tell me afterwards what you are keeping from me. Do you hear? After the wedding the deal cannot be broken. I want to be with you. If you do not to be with me then tell me."

"I do. I want to with all my heart okay? In bocca al lupo domani."

Lucrezia smiled, "Anche a te," a small wave and a sad look she left.

"So... What did you guys say?"

"She thinks I hate her because I won't touch her. I told her I don't need i wouldn't know to do without her. Then she spoke in English."

"What was that last part? Lupo is wolf right? Why were you talking about wolves?"

Alex chuckled, "In bocca al lupo. It means into the mouth of the wolf. It's how Italians say good luck."

"That's weird."

"Russians are weird."

"Are you ready for the wedding?"

"I'm ready to be able to touch my fiance without being scared of a panic attack."

"Technically it isn't a panic attack. It's a sensory meltdown."

"Uh huh. Shut up Yuri."

Yuri smiled, "Aw, I like you too."

Do any of ya'll watch Wynonna Earp on Netflix because boy am I shook right now.

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