Collins and Reve had decided to keep a low profile. They wanted to know more about Emily and her mother. Needed to know the extent of Eddie’s plans.

They found Emily's and her mother's private quarters at the back of the base. The place looked a little down trodden compared to the other private quarters they’d passed. Collins knocked on the door. A woman in her thirties answered, she was slightly smaller than Reve, and was out of shape. Her face looked haggard and there was an air of hopelessness about her. She looked at them with disinterest, "Yeah?" She said.

"Hi my names Collins and this is Reve. We wanted to ask you a few questions about Emily. If that's ok?"

"Why?" her disinterest turned into caution.

"I think we can better explain inside". Collins said, checking for signs of anyone else in the vicinity.

She seemed unsure. Collins didn't push the issue, sensing that if he pushed too hard she would say no.

Five minutes must have passed as the woman had an internal debate with herself, before she finally agreed. And held the door open. As they entered, she bolted the door behind them motioning for them to sit down. The place was tidy, but was in serious need of a lick of paint. This wasn't a home, more of a stop gap for this woman. There was no homely touches as seen in others quarters. No pictures of Emily.

"So?" She hadn't sat down. She stood with her arms folded across her chest. Awaiting for us to talk.

"I'm like Emily...” Reve said. The change in the woman was instantaneous. Her eyes went wide, and she went pale. She started to tremble.

"GET OUT!" She shouted.

"Whoa, hang on! Reve isn't a threat." Collins was disturbed by the change in the woman's demeanour. He stood up. And the woman backed away.

"We wanted to know how Emily's coping with the implant..."

"No. No. Stay away from her. And Doctor Augustine. Please, my child is no longer mine. I don't know who she is. Don't trust them." She pleaded.

"What do you mean? Why should I not trust him?" Reve attempted to calm her down, which just made her more agitated.

"If you know what's best for you. Leave. I've tried speaking out, but no one listens. They think I'm crazy and maybe I am." She began to cry.

"What can we do to help?"

"Go just go". She told Collins. The woman unlocked the door waiting for them to leave. Reve paused by her on the way out.

"I want you to know that we're not all the same".

She looked at Reve with disbelief in her eyes. “No you’re not. Eventually you’ll end up just like them.” She said and slammed the door shut.

Reve stood staring at the door, the woman’s words ringing in her ears.  Fear settled in her the pit of her stomach, as Reve’s worst fear was confirmed.

“It won’t happen Reve.” Collins tried to brush the woman’s comments away, but they had been spoken and there was no way of hiding from them.

"We need to leave here Collins. That woman was right. I can’t pretend I’m ok about being a lab rat. And I certainly aint fighting for the likes of them. If I can’t stop the change, too many people could be hurt and I can’t have that.”

“I know, I’ll see when the next changeover is happening. We’ll leave then. Just grab the bare essentials.” They headed back to their room, helping themselves to things that wouldn’t be noticed missing. A rucksack, some tinned food, a bottle of water until they reached their room and began to stuff them into the bag.

There came a knock at the door. Reve stiffened; Collins looked back at her whilst opening the door. It was Eddie and another two soldiers. Alarm bells began to sound in Reve’s head, as she was about to shout a warning to Collins, they over powered him and handcuffed his arms behind his back. Collins was outraged, and began to shout and rave at Eddie.

Eddie walked closer to Reve, a pained expression on his face. "Forgive me Reve, but I need all the help I can get to win this war and right now I need your expertise." He advanced on her, holding a needle, "I'm doing this for all of humanity,” The conviction behind those words scared her. She knew that no amount of arguing or persuasion would deter him. This mad man had enlisted his own specialised army and would use them for his own ends, he was playing a dangerous game and the stakes were high.

As he advanced on her, he swung his arm with the needle to jab it into Reve’s shoulder. The needle hit scales, and broke. Reve didn't even feel the change this time, it was so quick.

She felt taller, more agile. Her senses had sharpened. Reve looked at Collins and saw the fear in his eyes. Something of which she never wanted to see again. But she couldn't worry about his feelings not when they needed to use her abilities to get the hell out of there.  Reve leaped onto Eddie and used her clawed fist to knock him upside of the head, knocking him unconscious. The other two soldiers had unholstered their guns, and began to circle her.

There was no way of knowing whether or not the bullets would pierce Reve’s alien form, and she wasn't too sure if she could wager a bet on it either. Her desperation increased as she looked around the room, looking for anything she could use as a weapon. She quickly realised that there was nothing that could be of use and began to think that maybe surrendering was the only option. An inner rage took hold of her as she refused the idea of giving up. Her mother had not raised her to be a coward. She would prefer to go down fighting!

Reve let out an almighty roar, as she let her feelings of anger and hatred fill her. The soldiers took a wary step back, but aimed their guns at her. It was then she let herself fall into the void, a red mist obscured her vision as she let her body do what it was created for....killing.

It was like watching a film, one that she was a part of but still detached. She watched as she saw herself, a figure of vibrant greens, and a mouth full of sharpened pointed teeth and claws that looked lethal. She was beautiful to watch.

She lithely stepped out of the way as a bullet was fired. It was like a deadly dance. One she revelled in. The soldiers began to fire continuously as she ducked and weaved, each movement bringing her closer to her prey. the soldier to the left of her repeatedly kept firing with his handgun, even after he was out of bullets

He looked at her in horror, as her claws neatly encircled his neck. Lifting him easily off the ground his legs did a merry dance. His face a growing shade of puce, his fingers scrabbled at the claws that were cutting off his air supply. She forced his face closer to hers and inhaled the scent of fear. It smelt divine, and unconsciously licked her lips before proceeding to rip out pieces of flesh from his neck. Blood spurted everywhere and coated her in its warmth, a feeling of triumph washed over her as she felt the meat slide down her throat. She threw the now lifeless corpse away from her, and began to advance on the next soldier.

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