New Boy & Drunken Loving

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A pile of golden stickers have been placed on the dresser

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A pile of golden stickers have been placed on the dresser. I pin a 'love' sticker to Samira's cheek, a trail of hearts across her arms and chest, and her black hair is illuminated with gold glitter spray.

Next, I plaster my own chest and legs with little hearts and swirls. The golden spray doesn't stand out as much as it does on Samira's beautiful black locks, but it still gives my caramel-blonde hair a shimmer.

"Can you put some stickers on me, Ell?" Alex asks, jogging into the room.

"Of course babe."

I peel off a few hearts and stick them to Alex's chest. I then pick up a damp flannel and start to dab it down his chest and down his muscles. "There, all good."

After a few more on my own body and across Rosie's too, we all get our hair and makeup done.

After around 45 minutes of preparation, we all take to the garden and begin dancing to a bit of Anne-Marie and Jonas Blue. I find my handsome Alex. He takes my hand and his and pulls me into his ripped chest. "You look amazing, Al." I compliment his handsome features.

"So do you, darling."

"Darling?" I chuckle. "We aren't married!"

"Well," Alex shrugs, blushing deeply. "We are known as the mum and dad of the villa."

After a bit more dancing with Megan, Eyal and Alex, a sudden deep roar echoes through the villa.


Turning to look up, the new boy is glistening with gold and silver stickers stuck across his pale skin. He has short-styled brunette hair, and his muscles are defined, but not overwhelming. His facial hair is a put off for me, personally, but he is a good looking boy.

"Hey, I'm Sam. It's written on my back." He smiles when he kisses my cheek.

After he introduces himself to everyone - giving Samira some special attention - we all gather around the fire pit.

As we walk towards the seats, Alex grabs my hand and pulls me into him. "What do you think?"

"Of Sam?" I ask. "He's not my type. You've got nothing to worry about." I push myself up onto my tiptoes and kiss Alex's cheek.

"So, what's your game then Sam? Do you have a game plan?"

"Not really. I've come in here to find love ... maybe teach Adam how to treat a girl!"

Yes!!! The new boy isn't a pratt!

All of us jump to our feet, wailing and clapping and praising. Rosie and Samira sit either side of the new boy - god I hope he likes one of them.

"So let's not beat around the bush. Who do you fancy and stuff?"

"You want my top four?" He lists. "These aren't in order, but ... Samira, Georgia ... Ellie, and Ella."

Alex's grip on my hand tightens, but is still subtle. I turn my head from the new boy and peck Alex's lips. "Sorry, Sam. I'm taken."

"Me too!" Georgia agrees, taking a pew on Josh's knee.

We all disperse and begin to dance once again. I've definitely had a few drinks too many, so I've been tumbling around across the glass. My heels have been tossed aside, and I'm not too sure if my bikini is tied up properly.

"I've got a text!" Megan announces. "Islanders, tonight the hideaway is open! You must pick one lucky couple to stay in the hideaway! #AloneAtLast."

"Megan and Eyal!" I bellow/slur from one too many Gin and Tonics.

"Are you sure?"

"You deserve it, hun!"

It definitely should go to Megan and Eyal, especially after we took it from them when Alex and I went in.

Megan and Eyal disappear into the house, but the rest of the islanders keep partying. My head begins to spin from the euphoria and overconsumption of vodka. It must be pretty obvious that I'm drunk, but whilst grinding on the most handsome boy in the villa, who wouldn't want to continue.

"Come on, Ell. Let's head to bed." Alex smirks. It's still a little early, so I can't help but wonder if he has dirty intentions.

Alex takes my arm and guides me into the bedroom. As he opens the door, I collapse onto my back on the bed. Megan and Eyal have already made their way to the hideaway, therefore Alex and I are alone.

"Come here." Alex grins at my scraggled body. He lifts me up with his incredibly strong arms, and somehow lifts the sheets back. Alex places me back down on the bed, and climbs in beside me. We're still clothed in our swimsuits, but there's no tight clothing of any sort. The music is still booming from outside, but Alex and I are completely alone.

So I decide to take advantage of the moment.

Samira P.O.V

"So where are you sleeping tonight?" I ask the new boy. "The sofa?"

"Probably." He chuckles with a cute grin. "Want to join me?"

"You serious?"

"Yeah." He nods.

"Ok, yeah, I'd love to."

The music dies down low as we hit curfew, and some of the producers tell us that it's time to hit the hay. "Come on then. I'll grab my duvet."

We all start to load into the lounge, but a sudden gasp from Wes and Adam shocks us all.

"Oh my god!" Georgia and Adam wail as they run into the bedroom. "Go on Alex!" They chant.

"What?" Sam shouts, rushing up to the side of them.

"Alex is getting some! Go on Al!" Wes cheers. As all of the girls bundle in, they all begin to applaud.

Obviously, the sheets are over them, but it's pretty obvious that Alex is on top of Ella, finally getting rid of his 'blue balls'.

"Finally!" Wes tops off the night. "We have a chairman of the 'Do-Bits Society!"


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