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Chapter Five

I slowly turned around to face the source of the ferocious growl which had just echoed through the cafeteria. My eyes landed on the one person I had never expected to see here. Damon. He was sitting at the back table with his fists clenched and eyebrows furrowed glaring at Angel with a look of pure hatred. On cue Angel whipped his head around and returned the glare with an equally menacing one of his own.

When Damon finally tore his eyes away from Angel he noticed my presence and my eyes focused solely on him. As his eyes met mine a small smile played across the corner of his mouth. Visibly relaxing he unclenched his fist - an action which caused my eyes to light up noticeably but by the time this happened, Angel had already realized what was going on between me and Damon and he harshly grabbed my hand and yanked me forward shoving the ring forcibly onto my finger, causing me to whimper out in pain. Pulling me closer to him he wrapped his arms securely around me as Damon jumped up and made his way to the table, gaining the attention of everyone in the room. I knew something big was about to to go down.

Angel pushed me away and slowly stood up matching his brother's glare.

"Well, hello brother," Angel greeted Damon as the people all around us let out loud gasps of shock. "Long time no see."

"Not long enough for my liking," Damon shot back at angel.

"So brother, how about you and I cut to the chase. What are you doing here?" Angel spat out.

"I came back for a very important possession that I mistakenly left behind a long time ago," Damon said whilst looking at me. Catching Damon's little peek at me, made a smirk shoot its way up to Angel's face as he reached a hand out and pulled me into him tightly.

"I must say it's good to have you home," Angel pretended whilst trying to come off as the good guy. Looking at me he said, "and I have a very special someone I would like you to meet. Damon, this is the love of my life, Delilah. Delilah this is my twin brother Damon," the crowd let out another loud gasp at the word 'twin'. But Angel grabbed my hand and slowly looked me in the eye as his other hand cupped my left cheek and brought his lips to mine, whilst I tried my hardest to pull away, but he was just too strong. When he had finished kissing me he turned to smirk at Damon and that's when it happened. Damon punched Angel right in the face causing him to retaliate and throw a punch of his own towards Damon. By this stage the crowd had grown in numbers and they were cheering them on. Eventually they ended up rolling around on the floor both bloody and bruised. However, Angel was slightly worse off than Damon and that's when the Principle came out with Mr Jeffrey's, the gym coach.

"What's going on out here!" Mr Jeffrey's bellowed. "Break it up you two," he said as he grabbed Damon whilst the Principle took a hold of Angel.

"I want you both in my office NOW!" yelled Principle Sherman.


We followed Mr Sherman to the door but not before I took one last look at Delilah to give her a reassuring smile.

"So boys, what do you have to say for yourselves?" Mr Sherman said whilst opening the door to his dully colored office which seemed to match his personality. Taking a seat behind his desk he pointed to a pair of blue chairs which sat in front of him and motioned for us to sit.

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