I want to marry you

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Brooklyn's POV:
"Guys I can't wait any longer. I'm going to do it tonight." I said walking into the living room. "Are you sure?" Rye asked. "Yes. 100%. I'm truly, madly, deeply in love with her and nothing is going to change that. I want to marry her so bad. Hopefully she says yes." I explained. "Hopefully she does." Andy said passing over the small black box to me. I smiled tracing my fingers over it. "How long have you two been dating? I've lost count." Jack asked. "Nearly 5 years." I told them. "You guys are madly in love. We can see it in your eyes when you look at each other." Mikey told me. The lads are so supportive of our relationship and I'm thankful I have them as my best mates.

There was a football match on the TV so we all were engrossed into it. Rye moved a bit then Mikey began to speak. "When are you going to pop the question?" Mikey asked with a big smile on his face. "Sometimes after our date. I might get you guys to help me. So when I bring her back towards the flat there could be rose petals on the floor around us. Each of you could be holding up signs." I explained. They all smiled. "Sounds like a plan to me." Rye said. "Our Brooklyn is growing up." Andy said which made us all laugh.

Your POV:
Brooklyn is taking me out on a date tonight. I love dates with Brooklyn because he makes them romantic and fun. He's my world and I don't want anyone to change it. For most of the day I've been with my mum as I thought it would be nice. "So it's nearly yours and Brooklyn's 5 year anniversary together." She said making me smile. "Yeah it is. I've loved every moment of it so far." I told her. "You guys are really in love." Mum said. My mum knows about mine and Brooklyn's relationship because I tell her everything. She has supported our relationship from day one. My mum is my best friend.

We walked into shops and got what we needed to get. "Y/N!" I heard my name being shouted. I turned around and saw some roadies. "Can we get a photo?" They asked. I looked back at my mum and she nodded. The fans each got a selfie with me. There were about four of them. "Say hi to Brook and the other for us please." They asked. I nodded my head and went back over to my mum. We carried on with our day.

- - - -

Brooklyn took me to a nice fancy restaurant which was really romantic. The two of us walked into the restaurant hand in hand and found our table that had been reserved for us. We ordered our food and few minutes later and began to eat. I loved it. "Thank you Brook for doing this." I told him with a smile. He looked up from his plate and smile. "Anything for my girl." He said making me blush. He knows how to make my heart race and he knows how to make me fall in love with him even more every day. "Shall we get going?" Brooklyn asked. We both finished our meals and waited a few minutes before moving. "Yes. Let's go." I said getting up from my chair.

The sun was setting slowly as it was still light out here. Brooklyn had told me that after our meal we were going to go back to the flat and watch movies together. I love spending time with Brook. We approached closer to the flat and four boys began to walk towards us. I clung onto Brooklyn's arm a little tighter. As the four boys got to a reasonable distance I realised that it was Andy, Rye, Mikey and Jack. "What are they doing here?" I asked. "You'll see." Brooklyn whispered into my ear and let my hand go. I walked a bit closer to see what the others were holding up as I couldn't see from where I was standing with Brook.

Andy held up a sign saying: 'He is truly, madly, deeply in love with you...' I smiled. Andy walked to the side of me. Rye came closer and also was holding up a sign: 'The way the two of you look at each other is what you call love. I'm glad he has a girl like you...' Rye stood next to Andy. Mikey came after Rye holding another sign: 'This day has been one of the days I've been looking forward to from the day you two started dating...' Mikey smiled then stood next to Rye. Jack came up with a sign too: 'Brooklyn would love for you to turn around...' Jack quickly moved over to Mikey and then I turned around. My hands moved up to my mouth.

Brooklyn was down on one knee with a small black box in his hands that had a shiny silver ring inside. "Y/N. I've fallen in love with you more and more every day since I met you. Now I've come to this. You are my world and have made it a better place. The lads always tell me the way we look at each other is love and I love how everyone has supported us over these past few years. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Grow old together and enjoy life more when we are like this. I want to start a family with you. I want you to be the mother to my kids. I really love you so much Y/N. I'm sorry if this wasn't how you dreamed it to be like. Y/N, will you do the honour of becoming my wife?" Brooklyn explained/ asked. A few tears fell down my face and his face. I began to nod my head. "Yes. Yes I will." I said a bit louder. Brooklyn looked so happy. He stood up and places the ring onto my finger. "I'm so in love with you." He whispered into my ear pulling me into a hug. We pulled away and Brooklyn pressed his soft pink lips to mine. My life was nearly complete. All the lads began to cheer then they congratulated us. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

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