Chapter 9

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A/N this takes place after chapter 8 (Red Faced) of Who's Crazier? after Liv and Jess have their first kiss when they are dating and become official xo

Luke stood nervously at Lorelai's house, knocking quickly but loudly. Lorelai opened the door and grinned when she saw it was Luke, "hey, what can I do for you?"

"Can I speak to Liv? I have a favour to ask her," Luke asked.

"Of course, come in," she smiled, letting him in and leading him to the girls' room, "you've got a visitor!"

Rory opened the bedroom door and grinned at Luke. Deja vu, he thought, amused.

"Hey, is Liv in there?" Luke asked her.

"Yeah, come in," Rory smiled, opening the door so he could enter. Liv was lay on her bed, reading and looked up when he came in. She sat up and crossed her legs, putting her book down.

"I wanted to ask you a favour," he said, "it's Jess. He's...erm...falling behind at school. I can't get through to him so I was wondering if you could help him?"

Liv raised her eyebrows, "me? Why not Rory, she's way cleverer than me."

"No true," Rory interjected.

"He'll listen to you," Luke said, "I really don't know what else I can do for him, Livvy. Please?"

Liv sighed, "fine, I guess I can try."

"Good," Luke smiled, "why don't you come by the diner tonight? Around 7?"

"Oh, so soon?" Liv asked, "Yeah, that should be fine. I was gonna come by tonight to see him anyway so that works."

"Good," Luke smiled, happy, "I'll see you tonight. Bye everyone."

When he was gone, Lorelai sat on her daughter's bed, "honey."

"Mom," Liv retorted.

"Do you think this is a good idea?" Lorelai asked her.

"Jess needs help," Liv shrugged, "and did you see how happy Luke was. Ok, he didn't look happy but he sounded it."

"Luke did sound happy. But you two are together properly now," Lorelai said.

"And?" Liv sighed, impatiently.

Lorelai looked at her daughter in disbelief, "and nothing. Forget I said anything."

Lorelai stood up and walked into the kitchen. Liv followed her, "no, mom. There's something."

"Babe, it's fine."

"You don't trust him, do you? You think he's going to do something to me," Liv accused her.

"Honey, I know guys like Jess. It never ends well," Lorelai said, calmly.

"For you it doesn't. Just because you made a mistake when you were our age doesn't mean I will too! You've gotta trust me on this," Liv said.

"I do trust you, it's Jess I can't trust," Lorelai said.

"What's he ever done to you?" Liv asked, "so, he made a bad first impression on you but he'd just had his life turned upside down and refreshed and he was angry about it. You can't judge him on that one meeting, it's not fair."

"Babe, Jess is your typical bad boy, ok? He's rocked up in town with his perfect hair and leather jacket and acts all sarcastic and tough, all into his books and rock music and terrorising the neighbourhood. You've fallen for Jess, just like he wanted," Lorelai shouted at her.

"Maybe I have!" Liv shrugged, "so what? What's the worst he could do to me?"

"He's gonna hurt you and I'm not going to stand back and just watch that happen," Lorelai folded her arms.

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