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I just love these two...

There are like my fav ship...
Anyway its Modern AU. 

And it might be light smut..~

It was one of these days.
It was early spring. And James Madison had cold. I mean..He always has!!

But there is his lovely, annoying, mac n cheese lover, boyfriend.

Thomas P.O.V

It has been 9 months, since I was dating the love of my life, James Madison.

He was always there for me. He always calm me down, after fighting Hamilton. Me and him know each other since we were kids. I met him, when he was bullied.

So without thinking I saved him. And that is where our friendship began. Even tho he was quiet then others, he always managed to be sick and calm.

And then High school started.
Many kids picked on him. But most of students where scared of me so they would leave him alone. And that is when I find out that I was gay for him.

Then soon we started college. He conffesed his feelings to me. And I was so happy and we started dating. And here we are now.

But now he was terribly sick.
This is the most horrible sickness of this year he had. I look at him with worry as I cuddle him. I dont want to lose him..

We were cuddling few minutes alone as I heard moans. I wake up and saw Madison moaning. Still sleeping tho.

I smirked. So he has dirty dream..lets make this real~

I started to palm him through his boxers. He moaned as i kiss him. He still was sleeping. I kissed his neck as I took his cock in my hand. Now bumping it roughly.

I felt him close as i decided to took his member in my mouth. I started slurping his precum. He tested so sweet. He grunted but he still havent woke up...

Hinestly if WWIII would start, hecwould be still sleeping. I chuckeled as I kiss his tip. "T-tommy~" he moaned half asleep moaning.

Now im horny...but he is sick and i dont wanna rape him *-*..

I started licking and sucking his tip till he cummed. I slowly saved his cock back, giving it small goodbye-kiss

(A/n: we gotta teach 'em how to say goodbye! XD))

Soon after that he woke up. I acted sleep, he smiled at me and gived me smol kiss cheek and went back to sleep
Without noticing what happend..

Jemmy has gotten well. He aint sick also he find out what Jefferson done. So thwy gonna hav skecc all niggt

Imma prob do 2 part of thsi.
I hope you enjoyed this! ♥♥♥

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