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3rd Person POV

"Hey, what's going on in here?" Y/N pops heard head around the corner of the wall to see all of her brothers behind a small phone. They all look up at her and smile.

"Tom's FaceTiming us from the states while filming Spider-Man stuff." Sam chimes up. Their sister begins running over to the three boys and squeezes herself in between Sam and Harry. "He's not in the suit at the moment."

"Dammit, then why am I over here?" Y/N cried back, slumping back into the couch.

"To see your amazing brother, that's why. Hi, Y/N," Tom says in an annoying voice, but a grin washes over almost immediately afterwards.

"Hi, Thomas, seen anything interesting there yet?" Y/N sits back up from the couch, prepping her arms on her legs to get a better look at the phone.

The phones lags a bit due to WiFi being so bad, but everyone is able to hear the glitched laugh from Tom. "I did actually. I was out with Haz one night and saw a mime walking past us. That wasn't even the crazy part, the same mime attacked some college kid later that night and got arrested."

"I'm just glad the mime didn't attack us," someone else says from the other side of the phone. Everyone knew it was Harrison, because who else would be with Tom 24/7 and not get tired of him.

"But that would have been so funny to see! 'Movie Star Tom Holland and best friend Harrison Osterfield gets attacked by a mime' I would totally read that." All of the younger Holland siblings start to laugh as Tom rolls his eyes at them. 

Paddy climbs over all older sibling's laps to get into view with Tom. "When are you guys coming back home? I need someone to practice football with and everyone here is shit at it!"

Harry and Sam look at each other, then throw Paddy off their laps and onto the floor. Tom laughs a bit, but quickly hides it once he saw that Paddy was back. "I say a little over two months, hopefully not three though."

In the corner of the screen, Harrison peeps his head in to see the screen. "I'll be back earlier though, I'm scheduled for an audition." His blue eyes dance across the screen, then sees female Holland. Nobody has ever seen his face turn so red so fast.

"Thanks, Haz," Paddy claps his hands together, getting Harrison out of his trance, "you are a real life saver."

"Oh, Harrison," Harry teases to the poor boy blushing. He quickly moved out of everyone's view and hides behind the camera again.

"Shove off," Harrison yells. Tom makes a worrying face into the screen and waves to his siblings.

After he ended the FaceTime, Harry took his phone back and immediately began to text somebody. He kept laughing too. Paddy went out back to practice football on his own, and Sam followed Y/N and Tessa upstairs for downtime before dinner.

The next week, Tom wouldn't stop texting any of his siblings about FaceTiming again. Except he didn't want to FaceTime them, he wanted to see Tessa.

None of the siblings were inside though, they were all outside playing with water balloons, water guns, and the hose. It was a really hot day for England, so the entire family was outside. Nikki and Dom kept ahold of all of their children's phones while they laid on lounge chairs.

At one point, Tessa grabs the hose in her mouth and ran around with it. The parents were not happy after that.

"Harry! Your phone is ringing and I think it's Tom!" Nikki holds up his phone, shaking it slightly for him to see. Harry began running over to her, but Sam was able to hit the back of his legs one last time. It scared the shit out of him.

Harry slides the button to answer Tom next to Nikki. "I swear, if you guys get my phone wet I'm suing! Hey, Tom." He said in the most causal way possible after screaming at his siblings.

"Harry, why are you outside so early in the morning?" Tom holds his hand over his phone, guarding the direct sunlight from Harry's phone.

"Tom, it is literally midday here. We are all outside playing in the water with Tessa." Harry flips his camera around to show Mum and Dad, but quickly switches back to himself. "I'm assuming you want Tessa?"

He boy laughs out loud, "yeah. How did you know?" Harry rolls his eyes at him and calls Tessa over from Y/N.

"Is that my favorite Holland?" Harrison asks from beside Tom. He squeezes his way next to Tom, looking at Harry and Tessa in the phone.

"Nope," Harry shakes his head and laughs, "she's over there in her bathing suit." He whispered the last part, but it made Tom laugh like mad.

Harrison rolls his eyes, "you two can both fuck off."

Not only did Harry give Harrison and Tom a smirky look, but he flipped the camera around to show Y/N and her brothers. Haz's face immediately burned up and be looked away from Harry and Tom.

Harry turned off his phone and went inside to "find a snack" in the kitchen. Instead, he began texting Harrison about his sister again.

"Har, what about you doing in here alone? I need you to protect me from Sam again." Y/N walks into her home, drying off her arms from the water.

He breathes out a laugh, "just Harrison. He seems to have a crush on a girl and I'm teasing him about it. Pose for me," Harry lifts up his IPhone camera and snaps a picture of Y/N.

Y/N does a funny pose, making Harry laugh to himself. He wasn't expecting the whole pose, since his plan was to send the picture to Harrison just to tease him some more.

"Who's Harrison little crush?" Y/N takes the towel and brings it over her shoulders.

"Someone who he is very close with," Harry snarks. Y/N raises her eyebrow at him, then Harry breaks into a long laughter that ends with him on he floor.

"Is it me?" Y/N asks her brother. He nods his head and continues laughing his head off. She kneels down to Harry's height and pats him on the shoulder. "Well, it looks like I'll be getting a boyfriend tonight, thanks, Har."

His laugh stops instantly, "you like him too?"

"Why not?"

"Nothing, I just can't wait for the wedding."


Miss Holland
Hey there Brit Boy,
I've heard recently that
somebody has a little
crush on me ;)

:o maybe

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