Fear the Darkness

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Creed slowly stretched his hand out into the darkness, breathing hard. He'd done this once, he could do it again.

Except that once had been nearly ten years ago. He wasn't sure if he could do this now.

Sure, it was just a pitch black room, full of who knew what dangers. Creed was pretty positive he knew what dangers, but that didn't make it any better.

He swallowed hard and pulled his hand back, fingering his blaster.

Don't freeze up, he reminded himself, taking a cautious step forward.

He kept his blaster up and ready, carefully moving through the wall of blackness blocking his vision. It was taking every part of him not to freak out, so he focused on simply moving forward.

He reached what felt like the middle of the room before he stopped, hearing a soft sound, like scraping metal on the floor.

Creed paused and turned that direction, keeping his blaster in front of him.

Then he saw the faint blue glow of a visor and frowned softly. That wasn't right. There were supposed to be droids here, right?


The voice called through the darkness and Creed powered his blaster. He knew that voice. All too well.

"S-Specter..." he called, now feeling through the darkness towards the sound. It was all suddenly so dark again, the mission he'd had in his mind no longer there to push him forward.

"Specter...d-don't g-go...w-where are you?"

"I'm right here. Just walk towards my voice," Specter said calmly.

Creed staggered towards the sound. All around him the darkness seemed to be closing in. It was everywhere, pressing in around him.

Then he felt Specter grab him and he relaxed, grabbing for his older brother. He felt Specter wrap his arms around him and he just closed his eyes, trying not to think about the dark room.

A moment later Specter had picked him up and carried him out quietly and Creed was soon nearly asleep on his brother's shoulder.

He stayed there until Specter set him down sometime later and he opened his eyes quietly. He looked around the ship and calmed back down, hugging Specter again.

He felt Specter hug him back. "It's alright," Specter said quietly. "It's not dark here. You're safe."

Creed nodded and relaxed. Specter was right. He was safe here. He didn't have to worry about the darkness. At least not until the next time he closed his eyes...

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