Reiko's POV

I'm still wondering,if I'm dreaming or what...

Maybe i should try to suicide? so that i will wake up?

No! I shouldn't it's a sin..

But what should I do?

Maybe i should tell it to someone?

I'm afraid that they wouldn't believe me...

No use of thinking of it!

*In the Park*

Reiko's POV

While Reiko is walking.......



"I didn't expect you to saw here"-Yukiteru

"Me too"-Me

"By The Way what are you doing here?"-Yukiteru 

"I'm just walking around this park"-Me

"If you don't mind,Can I walk with you?n_n"-Yukiteru

"S-Sure *-*"-Me

"Ok,Let's walk then"-Yukiteru

"Come on"-Me

While walking...........

Why is my heart beating so fast?o_o



"Do want to eat some food,Right now?"-Yukiteru


Then we went to a fancy restaurant....

"What do you want? My treat :)"-Yukiteru

"Ahh no need to,i have my own money"-Me

"Come on,don't be modest :)"-Yukiteru

"So what do you want?"-Yukiteru

"Any food will do"-Me

*After 4 mins*


"That was fast"-Me

"Hehe not really"-Yukiteru

After that they eat...

"This food is very delicious *(^o^)*"-Me

"Thanks.My favorite chef cook that n_n"-Yukiteru 

"You're welcome and thank you for the food"-Me

"I'm glad you like it"-Yukiteru

"Ok then I need to go home"-Me

"Do you want me to escort you?"-Yukiteru







"Let's be friends ok"-Yukiteru said 

"Ok"-Me then I go 


"Hey, Akahana"-Airi


"Do you live here too?''-Airi

"Yes,The number of my apartment is 913"-Me

"Oh,We have a same apartment"-Airi



Oh no!                                                                                                                                                                                    "I'm just joking I don't live here.Because Yukiteru told me that you live here"-Me



"Don't leave yet!"-Airi 


"Do you want to sleep on my place? (^_^)"-Airi

"Okay n_n"-Me


"You have a nice place"-Me



"You know my sister pick this apartment for me !_!"-Airi 


"Yes but fast is fast...Okay.....Let's sleep"-Airi


On that night I feel with regrets..........

To be Continued

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